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    Check out eBooks on NOOK HD

      Hi guys,


      On the NOOK Color I could check out books from the library with OverDrive, then use Adobe Digital Editions to transfer the book to my NOOK Library. You COULD use the OverDrive app on the NOOK Color, but I prefer the native NOOK Reader app on the NOOK Color, because you can highlight, make notes, and get more font preferences than with the OverDrive app.


      I know that Adobe Digital Editions doesn't recognize the NOOK HD, so you can't use Adobe Digital Editions on your computer to transfer ebooks checked out from the library directly to your device storage. I CAN use the OverDrive app on the NOOK HD, but I don't like it much because I can't highlight, make notes, and share passages, and I don't have as many text options as the native reader app on the NOOK HD.


      Is there a way to read eBooks checked out from the library with the native reader app on the NOOK HD (not on the OverDrive app)?


      Any help would be appreciated.



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          Whoops... empty reply


          Under settings on the HD/+ is a place to enter an Adobe registration. After you've done that you are supposed to use Windows (or whatever OS) to drag&drop the book that you fetched using ADE on the computer into the Nook.


          I've not tried this and some have reported that it seems to work once, etc.