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        msmoonlite wrote:


        And I'm about to join the Kindle ecosystem. The new Kindle Voyage looks like it is right up my alley.

        I'll be interested to hear your thoughts when it arrives. I *almost* ordered one, but I just couldn't justify it with my KPW being so new.

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          Well, my reason for preferring Nook is essentially sentimental.  My first experience with any sort of ereader was the original Nook Color.  My children gave it to me for Christmas and I was thrilled with it. I couldn't believe that an electronic device that small (!!)  would let me have an entire library at my fingertips.  Previously I had purchased a few ebooks which I had to read on my laptop.  (At the time I did not realize that my first generation iPod touch could have worked as an ereader.). It was my first experience with a tablet as well, and even though it's kind if heavy and clunky compared to newer ereaders, I still have it and it still works well.  A few years later I got a Nook STR and it also still works well.  The SD card slots were a nice bonus, since it meant that the books I had purchased in the past could easily live on the new ereader. 


          Once I got that first Nook Color, I did all my book purchasing at B and N, unless the book I wanted wasn't available or cost over $2 more in the Nook store. Now that my Nookbooks are effectively locked up in B and N's cloud, I doubt that I will buy any more books from them.  (Please don't tell me again that I can download them to my computer via the Nook app.  I can't even sign into the app anymore).


          Over the years I also acquired a Kindle Fire, an e-ink kindle and a couple of iPads.  All of them are nicer than my Nooks.  While I understand and even agree with those who prefer B and N's business practices over Amazon's,  Amazons customer service is light years ahead of B and N.  At the moment, I can't think of a good reason why I should continue to support or prefer B and N.

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            When I was first thinking about going to eBooks I did a bunch of research into the various devices and stores. I ended up choosing the NST because it seemed like a better device than the Kindle (I definitely didn't want a keyboard) plus it was more versatile. At the time you couldn't get library books on a Kindle, and the epub format offered a wider selection of stores over Amazon's proprietary format.


            In terms of hardware, I still think the NST/G is a nearly perfect device. I wish B&N would have kept the NST line (with the physical buttons, contoured back and SD card slot) and updated the screen, memory and OS (still waiting for them to come out with a decent shelving option). I have my doubts about B&N surviving to the end of the decade, we'll see what comes. I've been getting more eBooks from Google lately.

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              My experience was similar to what Kamas716 said. I researched all eink devices available at the time and had settled on the Alex by SpringDesign because I thought it brought the best of both worlds. Then I saw the N1E at my local B&N and fell head over heels. I liked the the design of the Nook better than the Alex (too tall) and I never cared for the keyboard on the Kindle. I still use my N1E almost daily although the original battery barely holds a charge. I eventually purchased the Nook HD and have been very pleased with it. I like the fact that I have access to Google PLay Store and that I can put the Kindle app on my Nook. It broadens my choices in where I can purchase ebooks. I also like being able to go into my local B&N for assistance and to purchase the occasional dead tree book. After witnessing the demise of several physical book store, I would be very sad indeed if B&N were no longer around or if they started closing stores to where I didn't have one within an hours drive.

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                I wonder if the powers that be read these boards. They need to know how much they've squandered their customer goodwill. They would also see that there are plenty of customers who would come back to BN if they would just do some pretty basic things.

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                  I rather doubt it.  I had to fight to get the redeem code thing added to the device, I'm not even sure if it was my voice that did it or the sheer number of other voices that came from above me.


                  The change I do know I had a part in was the B1G1 weekend deals being changed so the books offered had things in common.


                  Sadly since then I've not been on another conference call with the Nook folks.  However the focus, from what I have heard, is apparently shifting to trying to be a content company.  Which leaves me wondering if they're really interested in making fundamental changes to the hardware.


                  Please note I am in absolutely no way stating B&N is getting out of the device business.  I have not heard anything of that sort, in fact we have a new Samsung releasing soon (details are on signs in stores, it's the 10.1).  I don't know when they'll put out a new eink device.


                  At this point that device has a lot steeper of a hill to climb to impress me.

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                    I used to have a strong preference for NOOK based on my view of the companies and what the devices offered.


                    That has slowly eroded and continues to more quickly.


                    I do most of my reading on my Google Nexus now. It allows me to be retailer agnostic. I have NOOK, Kindle, and Aldiko apps on it, as well as Adobe Reader. Pretty much if it's out there, I can read it.


                    B&N used to have an edge with me on reputation and service, but that respect has seriously declined. I get better service from Amazon, though I question whether the short term vs. long term benefits of it.


                    If I had to buy an eink ereader to replace my NST today, I would lean toward the Kindle Voyage or something from Kobo.


                    The bloom is well worn off the B&N rose and they need something major to bring it back. Sad, really.

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                      RHWright wrote:


                      If I had to buy an eink ereader to replace my NST today, I would lean toward the Kindle Voyage or something from Kobo.

                      My KPW is almost at capacity, so I expect I'll have a voyage ordered before the end of the year. I've almost pulled the trigger twice (once I ordered and then cancelled a few minutes later). The deterrent is the price, and the lack of hands-on reviews. A strong review showing when the device goes live and a nice Black Friday sale will push me into ordering.

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                        I was unexpectedly upgraded to a room with a jacuzzi in glorious Globe, AZ this week, so I took a soak with my shiny new Kobo H2O. Other than difficulty reading through a surprising amount of bubbles, it worked perfectly. Now I have to remember to panic when my other electronics get wet.


                        I'm liking it so much, I'm using it even for reading tech titles, something that was difficult on a 6 inch or smaller eInk screen. (I'm unlikely to run out of space since it'll take a 32 GB card.)


                        I prefer the open epub format used by B&N, Kobo, Google and others to the proprietary mobi/AZW3 format used by Amazon. Although both can be manipulated in the same ways, Amazon is free to impose changes to their format at any time, while epub vendors must maintain some degree of interoperability. DRM breaks a lot of that, and Adobe's behavior bothers me nearly as much as Amazon's, but I am still more comfortable with some interoperability between epubs purchased from a variety of sources and reader alternatives than a single source.


                        Epubs from a variety of sources on a Kobo reader is my current preferred option for reading on eInk. On a color device, epubs with Moon+Reader best suits my needs.

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                          I have several NOOKS (1st ed., Color, ST, and STGL)  and a Kindle Paperwhite. I much prefer my Nooks because of the operating system. When I ran out of space on my NOOK ST, I decided to buy the Kindle, hoping that the operating system was different than the one used on the Kindle app for iPad or Android...........wrong!! I find the whole system clunky and very difficult to navigate. God forbid you should look at anything else on your Kindle or download new books while still in the midst of reading a book.....you'd better make sure you remember the title of that book, because you're going to have to look real hard for it!! There is no "Reading Now" in the library menu. I hate it!! The only reason I still use the thing is because I have found so many more free books for Kindle than for NOOK.


                          I hate the Kindle operating system so much, that I bought a STGL a few months ago so I could get all of my NOOK books on it and actually enjoy using an e-reader!


                          Any suggestions as to what to do with my accumulation of older, working NOOKS? Every time I open the "NOOK drawer", I just shake my head...........seems like such a waste to have them just sitting there, unused! I actually have TWO NCs not being used!!

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                            Two suggestions- one you could keep it and use it when you want to lend a book to some one.

                            Or you could give it to some one who would enjoy it and can't afford it.

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                              Thanks. Unfortunately, everyone I know either has their own e-readers or an iPad......or both.

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                                You could donate them to a charity.

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                                  I'd definitely keep one or more of the eink devices for outdoor reading. Was the N1E touchscreen? If not, stick it in a bag for jacuzzi/beach reading. The NST/NSTG don't work so well for that.


                                  You can probably still get a decent amount for the KPW on craigslist. You could try selling the NCs though I wouldn't expect much. You might just offer them up for free on craigslist if you just want to declutter.


                                  You'd have to check around to see what charitys want. I suppose you could load them up with some free ebooks and donate them to a hospital or old folk's home.

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                                    The N1E is touchscreen for commands (it's the one with the two screens, one color), and it's capacitive so you really can't use a bag unless you get one specifically for that.


                                    Charities like Salvation Army will often take anything they can sell, but yeah, it's worth checking before driving out.  FWIW, I generally give my old tech to kids (like my nephews or friends' kids) or my parents.

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