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    Instead of Skype try Google Hangout

      My daughter went on a China/Japan Asian tour.  As many know the Skype app on Google Play will not load to a stock HD/HD+.  Yes the HD/HD+ has a small mike.


      A solution has been found she is using Google Hangout, it works with the Talk app already on your HD/HD+.  Of course you need a Gmail email acct, and then you need to upgrade to Google+, then you can use the Talk app on your HD/HD+.


      Of course all this is free.


      This means you can use free wifi away from home to make calls.  For example, my desktop PC is located in the family room next to the kitchen, my wife can easily hear calls come in on the PC if I leave open the Hangout/talk app.  Since we prepay our cell phone service, I can save talk minutes using this method.  80% of my call are to the house anyway.


      The voice quality could be better, the tiny mic isn't the best.  Also for the first time I now get why NOT having a camera on the Nook is a big deal.  Hangout is for video chating, however no video camera Hangout still allows a voice only call.

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          Thanks for the tip :smileyhappy:

          My stock HD+ has Skype loaded onto it, and I have signed into it and seen my contacts with online/offline info, but I haven't made a call with it yet!

          Pretty sure it will work, though.

          I downloaded it almost immediately the Playstore became available, so maybe it was subsequently removed.

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            WoW, before my daughter left for China back in mid July, we tried to download Skype for our HDs and couldn't. 


            Thanks to both of you mentioning that your HD+ loaded Skype, I just tried it and your right!

            Unfortunately my daughter may not have access to Google Play store until she returns, although we are ok since Google Hangout is working.


            Anyhoo, Google Hangout is still a viable option, however I will be removing it after my daughter gets back.  I don't like the intrusive privacy policy of Goggle especially if you are a member of Google+.

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              Every time I launch Skype on my HD+ it fails, reporting "Unfortunately, Skype has stopped."