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    Points, Badges & Missions.....oh my....


      Sooo......I just found the missions under the more/reputation tab.....and I didn't even know I had completed all that stuff. I've just been clicking around the community and trying out new features to see what appeals to me, what doesn't, and if I"ll ever use those features again. Mainly trying stuff out of curiosity.  For all I know, I've probably broken several rules by now! (complaining is out, along with too many punctuation marks...but I didn't see anything about not being able to whine).


      Anyway, my question is, what do I do with all that stuff I've accumulated? What does it mean? Can I donate it to charity?


      Reading through some of those missions....I have no idea what some of those are. What is a binary upload and what would I do with it and why would I want to do one in the first place? I think I'll just stick to what I'm comfortable with, ie posting items I think are of interest, answering questions and finding lost books, and let the points/badges/missions fall where they may.

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          Some of it comes from the old forum, as Alex moves things over they get factored in to this new forum system.  Which is why so many of us shot from level 1 to level 3/4 in the last week or so without doing anything. 


          Personally I'm not sure how I feel about the levels system.  Some of the missions make sense for rewarding good community action, but others like bookmarking a page are hardly productive steps.  Ultimately I think the levels will end up like Kudos save that we, apparently, will have some abilities granted to us as we level.

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            I think most of us are in the same boat---learning as we go! I guess the points, badges, etc are just an acknowledgment of certain tasks you complete within the site. Some of the missions are unfamiliar to me as well, such as binary upload. Also, apps and polls are mentioned, but if there are any of those on the site, I have not found them.


            Sticking to what we are comfortable with sounds good to me, and if we pass along tips as we figure things out, hopefully it will get easier!  Thanks for your help!

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              In general, I think gamification works best if it is very carefully crafted and administered to incentivize desirable behavior, like learning how to use new features like bookmarking. Since that rarely happens, as it needs constant human administration, it's usually counterproductive, causing people to spend more time chasing after rankings and gaming the leaderboard than actually doing useful community stuff.


              Since I'm rather competitive, I'm constantly tempted to game the system, and the devil on my left shoulder keeps whispering collusion ideas into my ear, but so far I've been able to resist that temptation. There doesn't have to be anything valuable at the end of all that striving, I just want to win!!! Gamification is like crack for people like me.

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                Mercury-Glitch...Oh! I see. Some of it transferred from the old forum. That makes sense. I was wondering how I got all those points/badges so quickly when I'm really quite clueless and have been asking for help all around this board. Perhaps the easier "rewards", such as bookmarking and liking is just a way to get folks to ineract with the system and feel comfortable with it.


                TarHeelGirl00 - I'm glad I'm not the only one who doesn't know what some of those things mean. I haven't seen any apps or polls either. Maybe I should go create one just for the fun of it and to try it out! Sticking to the familiar sounds good to me, too.


                captainnook - That's an interesting perspective. I can't say I'm much of a gamer or feel comfortable having awards heaped on me for things I"m not sure I feel warrant accolades, but I do tend to be a lister". I'm always creating lists, whether it's a reading list or a to do list or grocery list. I get great satisfaction in crossing things off my lists. In a way, the missions remind me of a list. If I felt any need to pursue it, it would be because I want to cross if off my list more than to see my name in lights.


                I'll be happy to keep passing on tips as I figure things out.


                For anyone who is chasing the game, here is a tip for you that you may or may no thave figured out. Go like 3 of Alex's documents and you can get points. I liked his documents just to be nice. It wasn't until I found the missions that I realized that is one of the tasks to accomplish.


                Editing my post:

                I need to clarify my tip shown above. I said to go like 3 of Alex's documents...but my terminology was wrong. You have to rate his documents to get points. Click the stars at the bottom of his documents to rate them. Y'all probably figured that out by now.

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                  Alex Garcia

                  That's actually what I'm banking on!

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                    Alex Garcia

                    I'm actually really happy you all seem to like the new gamification system.


                    I'll be making a post soon to explain the levels, and some really cool things in the works with regards to them and points.


                    - Alex

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                      Oh, come on.  Somebody had to say it.

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                        agarcia I'm having some trouble with it, actually. I've done a few missions and they don't seem to register in the system - add an avatar, use the search, "like" x number of posts, etc. I think it's because I did those things before the points were in place (the first couple of days on the new site), so when I do them again for the mission, nothing happens. Any idea how to get those working again?

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                          Same here, some of the missions are just not triggering.


                          I have five people following me, mission thinks I'm only 40% done with 'Influencer - get 5 people to follow you'

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                            Some of mine are registering nothing, such as the "log in 10 times in 30 days." Obviously I've logged in quite a few times, LOL, but it shows 0% completed.

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                              Also, I just followed you, so maybe I've pushed you over the edge?

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                                Pushed me to 60%, so it clearly is updating it just isn't factoring in things from before the badges were in place. 

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                                  I noticed the login count is not updating.  I think the problem is I never log out.  Number of logins in the last month: one.

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                                    LOL, maybe we need to logout and then log in repeatedly to get the points?

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