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        The Black Thorne's Rose (The Author's Cut Edition)

        The Black Thorne's Rose (The Author's Cut Edition) by Susan King | 9781614170198 | NOOK Book (eBook) | Barnes & Noble

        tripped of her castle and lands, gently bred Lady Emlyn refuses marriage to a cruel lord and flees to the safety of the greenwood—where she soon falls for a bold forest outlaw, the Black Thorne, who courts danger in King John’s England.


        Swept up in a game of passion and daring deception, Emlyn learns too late that the mysterious outlaw and the ruthless lord she despises are one and the same man.


        Now, for both Thorne and Emlyn, the greatest risk of all exists in the truth... and love.



        "Excellent... filled with mythical legends, mystery and mayhem... an extremely powerful story." ~Rendezvous

        "A glorious romance…an exciting new talent." ~Romantic Times Book Club

        "Magnificent... Susan King’s talent is a gift from the gods!" ~Virginia Henley

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          Aesop's Fables

          Aesop's Fables by Aesop | 9781497672048 | NOOK Book (eBook) | Barnes & Noble


          The story goes that a sow who had delivered a whole litter of piglets loudly accosted a lioness. "How many children do you breed?" asked the sow. "I breed only one," said the lioness, "but he is very well bred!"' The fables of Aesop have become one of the most enduring traditions of European culture, ever since they were first written down nearly two millennia ago. Aesop was reputedly a tongue-tied slave who miraculously received the power of speech; from his legendary storytelling came the collections of prose and verse fables scattered throughout Greek and Roman literature. First published in English by Caxton in 1484, the fables and their morals continue to charm modern readers: who does not know the stories of the tortoise and the hare, and the boy who cried wolf? This new translation is the first to represent all the main fable collections in ancient Latin and Greek, arranged according to the fables' contents and themes. It includes 600 fables, many of which come from sources never before translated into English. 

          An illustrated collection of traditional moral tales from the Greek slave Aesop.

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            Beyond the Ivy: 100 Years of Wrigley Field

            Beyond the Ivy: 100 Years of Wrigley Field by Chicago Tribune Staff | 9781572844858 | NOOK Book (eBook) | Barnes & Noble


            The first major league baseball game to take place at what is now called Wrigley Field occurred on April 23, 1914, on 4,000 yards of soil and four acres of bluegrass. Though the area may have shrunk, Chicago’s love for the iconic Wrigley Field has only grown in the past century. In honor of the legendary ballpark's 100th birthday, the Chicago Tribune staff has compiled a breathtaking tribute to Wrigley Field, including historical photos, archival articles, and new content from the newspaper's award-winning journalists.


            Beyond the Ivy: 100 Years of Wrigley Field is a beautifully illustrated collection that captures the timeless charm of the "Friendly Confines." With contributions from beloved Chicago Tribune writers like Mike Royko, Christopher Borrelli, Paul Sullivan, Phil Vettel, and more, this book is a dazzling celebration of a national landmark and the gem of Chicago's north side. Stories of homers and blunders, heroes and villains, and triumph and tragedy are spread throughout this book, allowing readers to relive all their favorite memories right in the palm of their hands.


            From the time the plot of land bound by the streets Clark, Addison, Sheffield, and Waveland was the Chicago Lutheran Theological Seminary, to the construction of Weeghman Park and its renaming as Wrigley Field, this stadium has not only hosted baseball, football, and hockey, but also a century's worth of ever-changing trends in music, food, and fashion. Readers can finally join in on Wrigley's centennial celebration with this entertaining and fascinating book detailing what may very well be Chicago’s greatest contribution to baseball. Beyond the Ivy, in tracing the roots of Major League Baseball's second oldest ballpark, has created a testament that—much like the cherished construction it profiles—will surely stand the test of time.

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              Poison Town: A Novel

              Poison Town: A Novel by Creston Mapes | 9780781411233 | NOOK Book (eBook) | Barnes & Noble



              There’s More Than One Kind of Poison in This Town People are sick and dying. Rumors are swirling. Some claim chemicals leaking from a manufacturing plant are causing the cancer that’s crippling people on the poor side of Trenton City, Ohio. Yet nothing at the plant appears amiss. The problem remains a mystery until reporter Jack Crittendon’s long-time mechanic falls ill and he investigates. Soon Jack becomes engulfed in a smokescreen of lies, setups, greed, and scandal. The deeper he digs, the more toxic the corruption he uncovers. As he faces off with the big-time players behind the scenes and tries to beat the clock before more people die, he realizes the chillingly unthinkable—he knows too much.


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                It's Your Call: What Are You Doing Here?

                It's Your Call: What Are You Doing Here? by Gary Barkalow | 9780781405751 | NOOK Book (eBook) | Barnes & Noble


                Discover God’s calling for your life ...

                Few spiritual concepts have fascinated and confused people more than understanding God’s calling for their life. Is it primarily about a job or a role? It is precise or general? Is a calling only reserved for those who work in professional ministry?

                The truth is actually amazingly profound: What we are supposed to do is what we most want to do.

                This is a guide for discovering God’s design and destiny for your life. Drawing from over 20 years of experience in ministry, Gary Barkalow shares how you can:

                Live alert and oriented to the voice and choreography of God.
                Discover and interpret the voice of your own story.
                Discern the strategic assault against your calling.
                Recognize God’s intentional training in your life’s journey.

                Most of all, you’ll be inspired to let the glory of your life touch the world around you.

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                  An Igniting Attraction (To Protect and Serve, Heroes in Uniform Series, Book 1)

                  An Igniting Attraction (To Protect and Serve, Heroes in Uniform Series, Book 1) by Stef Ann Holm | 9781614176510 | NOOK …

                  Fireman Tony Cruz faces the charred ruins of his life. Burned by his adulteress wife, Tony just lost his precious step-daughter in the resulting divorce.


                  Across the street, Natalie Goodwin is enjoying her empty nest. The ink dry on her divorce papers and her daughter now in college, Natalie is realizing her dream: opening her very own flower shop. Life is finally going right, until Tony Cruz walks in the door.


                  Now sparks of desire are flying everywhere, each one threatening to ignite Natalie's own fire. But falling for a hunky fireman nine years her junior is not part of the plan.


                  Previously Titled: Leaving Normal



                  "...plenty of smoldering romance..." ~A Romance Review


                  "...shows that you are never too young or too old for romance." ~ Booklist

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                    New Aromatherapy and Essential Oils Ultimate Guide (Boxed Set): 3 Books In 1 Essential Oils and Aromatherapy Guide with Recipes, Uses and Benefits


                    Aromatherapy and Essential Oils Ultimate Guide (Boxed Set): 3 Books In 1 Essential Oils and Aromatherapy Guide with Reci…


                    Aromathery and Essential oils have a variety of positive uses. Peppermint can help with stomach issues and PMS. Clove oil is used to cure headaches. Inhaling citrus oils has been said to cure cabin fever. Other oils like mint and citrus help people relax during summer. Essential oils are organic and all-natural, so they can be used as replacements for certain harmful medicines and perfumes. Integrating essential oils into a person's routine can lead to becoming more relaxed, happy and fun to be around.

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                      Common Sense

                      Common Sense by Thomas Paine


                      ISBN-13: 9781497672192

                      Publisher: Open Road Media

                      Publication date: 9/23/2014

                      Pages: 94

                      File size: 235 KB


                      Thomas Paine's Common Sense first appeared on January 10, 1776, and the stroke of luck it enjoyed upon its appearance could hardly have been calculated to greater effect. The political tract immediately became the moral and intellectual touchstone for American colonists struggling to articulate their case for independence from England. It sold over 120,000 copies within three months of its publication.

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                        DC Comics Essentials: Batman: The Long Halloween (2014-) #1 (NOOK Comic with Zoom View)

                        DC Comics Essentials: Batman: The Long Halloween (2014-) #1


                        BN ID: 2940045901666

                        Publisher: DC Comics

                        Publication date: 10/21/2014

                        Series: DC Comics Essentials: Batman: The Long Halloween (2014-)

                        File size: 28 MB

                        Note: This product may take a few minutes to download.


                        This special edition of the best-selling BATMAN: THE LONG HALLOWEEN features preview pages of the acclaimed storyline plus sample pages from the DC COMICS ESSENTIAL GRAPHIC NOVELS & COLLECTIONS 2014 reading list!

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                          Issa Asad Instant Profits with Alibaba: Cash in on the World's Largest Economy - China

                          Issa Asad Instant Profits with Alibaba: Cash in on the World's Largest Economy - China by Issa Asad | 9780990812326 | NO…


                          Issa Asad Instant Profits with Alibaba will teach you how to cash in on the world’s largest economy, China!

                          Learn Issa Asad’s methods for making money using Alibaba.com, the world’s largest online business-to-business marketplace and Tmall.com, the world’s largest and fastest-growing business-to-consumer marketplace.

                          Located in China, Alibaba operates a marketplace similar to Amazon and eBay. The company’s initial public offering (IPO) made history and raised more than $240 billion. China is now the largest e-commerce market in the world and market analysts suggest that sales on all of Alibaba’s websites will exceed $700 billion by 2017.

                          Although these numbers are impressive, very few business owners in the United States have a solid idea on how to make money on Alibaba. Don’t be left behind—learn how to take advantage of the Alibaba opportunity today!

                          What’s Inside the Book?

                          • Learn the Alibaba Opportunity
                          • Discover How to Get Started
                          • Establish Your Ideal Business Strategy
                          • Choose Your Products
                          • Set Up Your Account
                          • Hire Great Contractors and Agents
                          • Maintain Respectful Relationships
                          • Avoid Scams and Fraud
                          • Promote Your Business
                          • Think Outside of the Box

                          Author Issa Asad is the Chief Executive Officer of Quadrant Holdings, LLC, and best-selling author. His book, Instant Profits with Instagram is the first publication of his “Instant Profits” series. Asad’s area of expertise is developing innovative and effective marketing strategies. Through his leadership, he has established several multimillion dollar companies with consistent yearly profit growth.

                          Product Details

                          • ISBN-13: 9780990812326
                          • Publisher: Issa Asad
                          • Publication date: 10/15/2014
                          • Sold by: Barnes & Noble
                          • Format: eBook 
                          • Pages: 56
                          • File size: 3 MB
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                            This Fine Life: A Novel

                            This Fine Life: A Novel by Eva Marie Everson | 9781441211811 | NOOK Book (eBook) | Barnes & Noble


                            t is the summer of 1959 and Mariette Puttnam has just graduated from boarding school. When she returns to her privileged life at home, she isn't sure where life will take her. More schooling? A job? Marriage? Nothing feels right. How could she know that the answer is waiting for her within the narrow stairwell of her father's apparel factory, exactly between the third and fourth floors?

                            In this unique and tender story of an unlikely romance, popular author Eva Marie Everson takes readers on a journey through the heart of a young woman bound for the unknown. Readers will experience the joys of new love, the perseverance of true friendship, and the gift of forgiveness that comes from a truly fine life.

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                              Tin God (A Southern Mystery)

                              Tin God (A Southern Mystery) by Stacy Green | 9780989137904 | NOOK Book (eBook) | Barnes & Noble


                              Just as suspenseful as any Grisham novel!
                              -Reader Jessica Brown

                              The truth can be as deadly as any weapon.

                              Jaymee Ballard trusted only one person in Roselea, Mississippi with the secret of her lost daughter. When that person is brutally murdered, it leaves her with heartbreak and a slew of unanswered questions. The eerie similarity to a murder of one of Jaymee's close friends years ago causes her to realize her past has come back to haunt her and may cost her own life.

                              Years of deception and abuse leave Jaymee with few options and fewer allies. She turns to the widower of her friend--a man struggling with his own demons--to help her find her daughter and identify the killer before he strikes again.

                              Before all evidence, the truth--and Jaymee's daughter--are lost.

                              TIN GOD is a romantic thriller set in a small town. Filled with suspense and featuring a strong female protagonist, this mystery leaves the reader wanting more.


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                                The Secret Agent: A Simple Tale


                                The Secret Agent: A Simple Tale by Joseph Conrad


                                ISBN-13: 9781480484177

                                Publisher: MysteriousPress.com/Open Road

                                Publication date: 9/23/2014

                                Pages: 320

                                File size: 659 KB


                                "Mr. Verloc, the secret agent, keeps a shop in London's Soho where he lives with his wife Winnie, her infirm mother, and her idiot brother, Stevie. When Verloc is reluctantly involved in an anarchist plot to blow up the Greenwich Observatory things go disastrously wrong, and what appears to be 'A Simple Tale' proves to involve politicians, policemen, foreign diplomats and London's fashionable society in the darkest and most surprising interrelations."

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                                  Legacy Road: A Novel

                                  Legacy Road: A Novel by Graham Garrison | 9780825488849 | NOOK Book (eBook) | Barnes & Noble


                                  Wes Watkins’s journalism career took off when he was asked to eulogize Michael Gavin, a stranger to Wes but a hometown hero to the humble folks of Talking Creek, Georgia. While researching Gavin’s life, Wes was confronted with an estranged relationship of his own that he wasn’t prepared to address, having ignored for years the occasional letters from his imprisoned father. Wes has chosen to focus instead on his growing career and his budding relationship with Emmy. His life is looking up . . . until his marriage proposal to Emmy goes south. Left to wonder if he can reconcile with Emmy before she is deployed to Afghanistan, Wes can no longer avoid the other reconciliation that troubles him. But when Wes uncovers a painful truth about his parents’ past, patching things up with his father may prove impossible. Wes’s life is close to spiraling out of control. Will Wes learn to forgive? Or will the best year of his life turn into the worst? Set against the haunting backdrop of several Civil War battlefields, Legacy Road is a grace-full exploration of hidden secrets--and what happens when they are revealed. Through the ups and downs of human relationships, of family ties lost and found, southern fiction fans will ponder the age-old question: How do you forgive others--and release yourself--from a past that threatens to destroy you?


                                  Product Details

                                  • ISBN-13: 9780825488849
                                  • Publisher: Kregel Publications
                                  • Publication date: 5/17/2012
                                  • Sold by: Barnes & Noble
                                  • Format: eBook 
                                  • Sales rank: 756,617
                                  • File size: 2 MB
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                                    Candle in the Darkness

                                    Candle in the Darkness by Lynn Austin


                                    • ISBN-13: 9781441202871
                                    • Publisher: Baker Publishing Group
                                    • Publication date: 11/1/2002
                                    • Series:Refiner's Fire Series , #1
                                    • Pages: 432
                                    • File size: 4 MB


                                    The daughter of a wealthy slave-holding family from Richmond, Virginia, Caroline Fletcher is raised to believe slavery is God-ordained and acceptable. But on awakening to its cruelty and injustice, her eyes are opened to the men and women who have cared tirelessly for her. At the same time, her father and her fiance, Charles St. John, are fighting for the Confederacy and their beloved way of life and traditions.


                                    Where does Caroline's loyalty lie? Emboldened by her passion to make a difference and her growing faith, will she risk everything she holds dear?

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