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    Server error


      It would appear that B&N is having an issue with it's servers this weekend. I'm unable to get new content to download in both Nook for PC and NookStudy. It won't even show up in the library for Nook for PC. I tried logging out and logging in and got the 1017 error "We've encountered a network error - please try again. (Sign in: 1017)".


      Hopefully this is a temporary problem as in the past where it clears in a day or two. However, I am somewhat concerned due to B&N actions regarding the download button from the website. agarcia please tell me this isn't forced obsolescense on B&N part.

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          agarcia, has B&N done something with the NookforPC and NookStudy apps?


          It's now Tuesday and I still can't utilize either Nook for PC nor NookStudy on either my WinXP or Win7 machines. However, I can get into my account on my Win8 machine running Nook for PC. I find this very strange, as they are all hooked to the same network.

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            I'm having no problem.  In fact I just downloaded the daily Chicago Tribune to Nook for PC (Windows 7) because I get an error on my Android phone ("This item is unavailable at this time. Please try again later.").

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              I find it quite odd that it stopped working on two machines, but not the third.

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                I'm having the same problem with my Nook for PC on my Windows 7 computer. I can't get it to download new books. It's been going on for several weeks. I haven't tried logging out or back in though.

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                  Odd.  I've been having no problems.  Since the elimination of the Download feature I've been using Nook for PC to download a copy of every book I "buy" (been getting a bunch of the free Open Road Media classics lately).  Everything has downloaded just fine, on two separate PC's.


                  (BTW, I rebooted my phone and my earlier download problem went away.)

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                    Alex Garcia

                    Hi Kamas, we did have a minor server issue over the weekend - however that was effecting Shop functions on our NOOK devices. As far as these apps, we haven't touched them in any way for some time now. I know it's probably not much help - but I'd try a complete uninstall/reinstall of the app first.


                    - Alex

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                      One issue I have seen is that, even if people uninstall and reinstall Nook for PC, they haven't cleared all the settings.


                      Even re-installing won't help if your old settings haven't been cleared, and if you do clear everything, a reinstall may not be needed.


                      There are two file locations (These are Windows 7):

                      Under My Documents, delete the folder labeled My Barnes & Noble eBooks.

                      Under C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming, delete the folder labeled Barnes & Noble.


                      Then launch Nook for PC, and input your email and password.  (Be sure you use your B&N password, not your email account password.)  I found it took maybe five minutes of "Connecting to server" to set up again and load my library information.  Probably more with a larger library, less if you only have a few books.  That is not counting the time to actually download books, of course.


                      I just did this reset and had no problems.

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                        I'll try that MacMck, but not sure it will work. I logged out this weekend to see if it would clear the problem, but now it won't connect to the server. I'll update after I try.

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                          Thanks for the reply Alex, I was beginning to get concerned there might have been another 'policy' change.

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                            Well, I tried. I deleted those two B&N folders, and tried logging in: no dice. I uninstalled (again) and reinstalled but it still won't connect.


                            It keeps giving me "We've encountered a network error - please try again. (Sign in: 1017)"

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                              I tried it last night and it still won't update. I don't get an error message. It acts like it's synching, but no new books download. The arrow spins, but nothing happens.

                              I'm too afraid to delete any folders from the c drive in case I lose years worth of downloaded books. I'm not a fan of the read on the web feature. I tried it a couple of times and I couldn't get it to work for me.

                              I might try logging in & logging out when I get home from work to see if that does anything.

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                                Alex Garcia

                                Sorry about that let me do some digging...


                                - Alex

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                                  Thanks, Alex.

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                                    create a new folder with a different name and copy all the books into that folder or just rename the existing folder.  I have a 2nd folder of all my books anyway as a backup.


                                    then you can delete the folder and start anew and you haven't lost anything.

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