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    Software Update 1.3.1 Available for the new Glowlight

      Hi all,


      At the stores, we just got a notification that a new software update is available for the new Nook Glowlights!


      Here are the features they listed:


      -The ability to redeem an eBook access code on the device, which will then download the title to your library (this is for if you buy eBooks through the registers at our stores, or if someone gifts you an eBook)

      -Improved Shop Browsing

      -Easier Search capabilities

      -Newsstand view now displays issue count

      -For side-loaded PDFs, whole page view is now the default setting

      -Additional bug fixes for stability and performance


      The update is available to side-load from nook.com, but will come over-the-air to devices soon too. You can also bring it into a B&N store for an employee to do the update for you