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    Two Nook HD+ devices: App problems on only one


      I've had a Nook HD+ for almost two months - it has been working great.


      We bought a second Nook HD+ last night for my husband, and we are having problems getting some apps to work on the newest Nook HD+.


      We have 1 B&N account, 2 gmail accounts. I have also tested with creating a brand new empty B&N account for the new nook, and the same apps are not working.


      The two apps having problems (that we have found so far) are the Official Green Bay Packers app by YinzCam and Trip Advisor. On the second nook, they will not install because "Your device isn't compatible with this version".


      If I look at our google account devices, my gmail has 2 devices - my nook and my phone. His gmail account has 3 devices - nook tablet, phone, and nook hd+. Both nook hd+ devices list as BN LLC BNTV600.


      On the first nook, both apps will install and work using either gmail account. On the second nook, neither app will install in either gmail account.


      I've tried multiple factory resets on the second nook. Both Nooks are running 2.1.0.


      Any ideas out there on what to reset on the second nook? I will probably carry both nooks into our local store tomorrow and let the nook expert take a look., but thought that someone here might have an idea we could try tonight. :smileyhappy:

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          The Green Bay app is a play store app and the Trip Advisor app is a BN app. If you want the same apps on both nooks they must be registered to the same email accounts for BN and gmail. There is a six device limit so you are ok. Tap on refresh on new nook when in BN apps (lines in bottom left corner). In play store on new nook, tap on arrow with line under it and then tap on installed apps. Be sure the Green Bay app is installed.