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    A couple of Nook HD+ quirks (stock)

      1.)  Certain apps never seem to appear in my recent apps list, even though I've used them recently.  Examples: Next Browser and Facebook.

      [Edit:  the above may be specific to my replacement launcher, Holo.  I just tried in stock launcher and seems to be okay.]


      2.)  I've been trying to use the app TextNow, which I use on other devices.  On the HD+, the text input area background is grey, so you end up typing black letters on the grey background, very hard to see.  On other devices this area is white.

      Any thoughts or workarounds? 



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          Not sure about your second point, but when I use Nova launcher I get the same thing regarding recent apps, but not when I use stock, to me it's no biggie, as Nova makes my Nook look better, and swiping between home pages is faster and smoother.

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            Here's a great quirk.


            I spent two days organizing the library of 600+ books.  All on internal device.  I don't have an SD card installed.  Some books sideloaded and some not.  Only one profile is set up.  I restarted the Nook then left it to charge overnight.  Today I went to read the book I am reading now and it was gone.  In fact all BN books were gone from the shelves.  The sideloads were still in place.  BN content gone.


            I found that under my profile my BN content was suddenly not checked.  So the books came back on the Nook, but I have to find them and re shelve them.


            For the love of God!  The whole purpose of the Nook is books!  And the shelving, organizing and loading of books is its weakest point!