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    Can we login with email instead of user name?


      Maybe I'm just learning challenged, but I can't seem to remember to use my user name instead of my email address when I login.


      Here's my daily "Who's on first?" routine:


      1) I login with my email address and password


      2) I get an error message for unrecognized user name or password, so naturally I assume I misstyped my password, so I type it again.


      3) Same error, so I carefully type my password again.


      4) Same error, rinse and repeat a dozen or so more times ...


      5) Then I finally remember that I have to use my user name ... which I can't remember! Why? Because Jive doesn't show me my own user name at any time when I'm logged in as myself.


      Any chance agarcia of switching Jive to using login by email address? Is that even possible?


      (Yes, I know I can check the "Leave me logged in" option ... but then I'm not completing the "Admit One" mission and you know how much I hate losing in a competition ...)