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    Lose unsaved data 10-20min inactivity?

      Just purchased a Nook HD+, have fully updated to the latest firmware which includes the Google apps.


      Over the weekend, I used the tablet to take notes on conference sessions, I found that after 10-20min of inactivity, all unsaved data would be lost, displaying the latest saved version.


      Of course the workaround is to manually save the document after every edit.


      Seems to occur in several apps, so it's more likely related to the Nook device itself.


      Thinking it might be related to the device going to sleep, I reset the screen timeout, but it's not related... A few times I would actually be able to see the unsaved text just disappear.


      Am currently speculating it might be something happening at the hardware level, with the CPU stepping down and perhaps even moving the process from one core to another (I understand the Nook HD has a dual core Cortex A9 for high performance but also 2 cores from an older processor for low demand tasks). In other words, is there a hardware timeout that shifts processes to the low performing cores without preserving the existing process tree?


      If this might be the case, is there any way to modify the core affinity of processes? Maybe indirectly by even modifying the niceness?