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    Nook HD+ Shop "Unable to Load Data"

      Device: Nook HD+ 16GB



      • Installation from unknown sources enabled.
      • Amazon Appstore installed.

      # Profiles: 2 (1 Adult, 1 Child)


      Other threads addressing this issue claim the problem exists with BN servers. Their conclusion is wrong because the shop and library can be accessed perfectly on my Nook 1st Gen. Here are my thoughts on the source of the problem. I believe that enabling installation from unknown sources triggers a countdown timer that disables the Nook Shop and Library. This conjecture is based on a pattern I have observed. This is the third time in three weeks that my Nook has stopped working. Each time, I have to deregister (thereby erasing the device) and then reregister for the shop to start working again. I would then run CyanoBoot from a SD card so I can install Amazon Appstore. The first time Shop stopped working, I restored a complete system backup I had made of my Nook. The system backup was made when Shop was working. I thought restoring the backup would fix the problem, but the Shop was still inaccessible. The second time this happened was a week later. I was annoyed but didn't think much as I grudgingly reset my device. To my surprise, today, a week from the last reset, the shop abruptly stopped working. Such behavior from a name brand device is unacceptable.


      Any help would be much appreciated. Further information will be happily provided upon request.