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    Error buying movies

      I have had several issues with buying and downloading movies. I've found some workarounds, but can't for this one. I'm attempting to purchase season 1 of Walking Dead. I've tried both the SD and HD versions. I get the following error: "unable to purchase: this item is not currently available for download to the product you are using." I have the Nook HD+ with software version 2.1.0 and it is 14% full. I have verified that I have over $50 I'm gift cards for my account and my barnes and noble credit card information is up to date. I have tried buying a single episode and that did eventually sort of work. I was trying to buy season 1 episode 1. Though it says that is the one I bought, it is actually episode 1 of season 2 (I think). I've rebooted my nook a few times and have enabled and disabled nook video. Any ideas of how to fix? Nook support said to just wait 24 hours.