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    Deleted sideloaded books still show up in library

      (I originally posted this in a different thread, but then realized that thread was marked as solved and I might not get the traffic to my problem as having a new thread would get http://bookclubs.barnesandnoble.com/t5/NOOK-HD-HD-Support/Deleted-external-content-still-shows-in-library/m-p/1454611#U1454611)



      I had about 110 books sideloaded onto my main memory.  I recently decided to get rid of them so I plugged my HD+ into my computer and browsed over to the My Files/Books directory.  But the directory wasn't there.  A quick look online told me it was a special folder and I could only access it from the Nook directly.  So I installed a file browswer from the Play store (Astro), went to the directory and deleted all my epubs (just deleted all the subfolders where they were located).


      Now though when I go to My Library, it still shows all 110 books under the My Books section.  If I select any of them, it either does nothing or if I 'add to homepage' and then select it it errors out saying it can't find the content. 


      Since I deleted the epubs, I don't have them to readd to the Nook in order to try the solution listed in the above mentioned topic.


      Does anyone know any way to rebuild the database without deregistering and reregistering?  I've rebooted my Nook numerous times and I've Refreshed the library as well.  Both to no avail.