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    Battery Life

      I have recently purchased a Nook HD+, after having a Nook Color since they were introduced.  I've noticed there seems to be more battery drain when the HD+ is at rest than I would expect.  Overnight, the battery drains from 15% -30%, while asleep, with no use.  Is this a normal amount?  I've had my new Nook for about 3 weeks, and just recently found the actual battery useage meter.   

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          Well, IMO, that's too much battery usage for idle, but I'm a battery miser. :smileywink:


          If you dont already own some kind of battery usage app, go to settings, device info, then battery. Tap on battery again and it will give you a breakdown of whats using your battery since the last charge. Many (all?) things google seem to be set to default the sync settings so they are very frequent (in some cases, every 5 minutes.) Its going to try to sync whether you are using your device or idle. 


          There's a couple of threads on this somewhere. From what I remember, you need to get GP auto sync off, turn off GP auto update apps. Then check the settings for every app you've installed. And maybe widgets too. They seem to update a lot. I'm sure I forgot something. Look for threads on this.