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    How long should it take...?


      How long should it take to download a feature film? I started the download at about 3 PM. It's now 8 hours later and the download in only 83% complete. Is that normal?


      I was going to try to stream it but at this rate, I'd have given up and not watched the end of the movie.


      Are there secrets to making it download faster? I'm on a home network using DSL ...Fast Access Xtreme 6.0...as AT&T calls it. My computer says it's running at 54 Mbps but I don't know the speed on the Nook HD+





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          Not that long! Where did you purchase or rent it? I have streamed 2 or 3 with no problems and  downloaded one that took about 15 minutes. All from Google play using a cable modem connection. Hope someone else has ideas for you. 

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            54Mbps is the nominal speed for WiFi G. I say "nominal" as being in an environment with multiple hot spots can result in interference slowing the effective transfer rate. The speeds for wired Ethernet are 10, 100, and 1000 Mbps depending upon equipment.


            Based on the nomenclature, your DSL peaks at 6Mbps (I'm jealous -- my local DSL peaks at 1.5, on a good day; it was down to 224kbps last night). I'm still trying to download a 160MB zip file after 12 hours. Either the server is hanging or my DSL has line noise and resets -- requiring a restart of the download. When running at ~1.2Mbps, it estimates 30 minutes for the file. A standard definition (DVD quality) file will be 4GB per hour. As you can compute -- for me a standard DVD would take about 15 hours for a typical 90min movie. True HD, even with AVCHD compression would take longer.



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                The movie I was trying to d/l is an HD version and it's 7.3 GB per the BN listing. So, you're saying that it should have taken about 3 hours +/-....correct?


                Onmy home network there are two machines plus 2 Nooks at max load. That night, one machine and one nook were turned off completely so there should not have been 8-9 hours worth of contention...right?


                I'm not particularly perturbed about this episode so long as I can learn from it. Guess I'll try to d/l the next movie while in Starbucks for comparison.


                Too bad the Nook HD+ doesn't indicate the net speed that it's running as that could be valuable to anyone.


                Any other ideas?

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                    I don't know what your connection speed is, but on my system (presuming no DSL resets from line noise and around 1.25Mbps) a 7GB file would take something like 24 hours.


                    If you were at 6Mbps then around 6 hours if nothing else is taking up bandwidth. Note that even with the WiFi at 54Mbps it just means each packet gets blipped at high speed but the space between packets is tied to the DSL rate -- and you could have WiFi collissions if neighbors are on nearby channels, requiring resends of some packets. (Though it should have time for 5 or so retries while the next packet is buffered)