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    Had to buy third book in trilogy from Amazon


      I am quite upset by this.


      I downloaded the first book of the trilogy (Cruxim by Karin Cox) and enjoyed it enough to want to read the remaing books.


      I then paid for and downloaded the second book from B&N, so offering the first book free worked out for the author (as it often does with me).


      The problem is when I finished the second book and wanted to read the third, it was only available on Amazon.


      I was tempted to just not read the third book and send a nasty email to the author.


      My second option was send an email to the author and wait for it to become available on B&N. If this was a better written series I might have done that, but I knew if I stopped reading these books they would drop off my radar and I would never finish the trilogy.


      So I went with my final choice, I bought the book from Amazon and am currently reading it in the Kindle app on my iPad. I have to say that the NOOK app for iPad is a much more pleasant reading experience than the Kindle app. I also like to have all my books in a series grouped together and now that is not an option.


      If there is any point to this rant it is this. I think B&N should refuse to carry any book/eBook by an author unless they commit to make all their books in a series available.

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          Interesting.  She's still with the same publisher.  It's a small Aussie publishing house.  Maybe they decided they didn't want to deal with a US-only distributor so they'll just stick to Amazon, which is basically global.  I'd be more inclined to suspect the choice is driven by the publisher than the author.

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              From reading the publisher's website, they appear to be a self-publishing assistant rather than an actual publisher.


              The first two books are available in print in addition to ebook, but the third one is kindle-only. Maybe she wasn't seeing the returns she wanted from the other sources. Or maybe the branch of Amazon Digital Publishing that she's working with (or that the pub is working with on her behalf) changed their rules.

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              I had this happen with a book that I thought sounded interesting.  I wrote to the author to ask when/if it would be available at B&N.  He said it would be available, they were finishing up the epub version, and then he sent me a review copy for free to read.