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    NOOk for Mac

      Does anyone have a working version of NOOKforMac from before B&N's last update (3/12) that would work on a dual core intel processer (2010 MacBook) running the latest version of Snow Leopard? If you do, would you be willing to share? :smileyhappy: I REALLY want to back up my purchased B&N books and I've never been able to get their program to download. I was hoping they'd eventually fix it but since they recently pulled their MAC support all together, I think it's time to stop putting this off and figure out a solution. Thanks in advance! -Brittany

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          MAC support has NOT been discontinued, no matter what any blog or website states.  The only folk that are having issues en masse are those running Mountain Lion.  Even then it is some folk, not all folk running Mountain Lion.  Hopefully Mavericks will be fixing the issue that was broken when Mountain Lion was released. 


          Exactly what is the app doing or not doing.  Please list out the following:

          • Version of MAC OSX 10.6.?
          • What other software are you running when you attempt to use the NOOK app for MAC?  There can be software conflicts, so try running it with nothing else running but the OS.
          • How much RAM do you have?
          • Do you have NOOK for Mac on any other machine, MAC or PC?
          • Has the app ever worked correctly for you?  If yes, what happened between the time that the app worked and stopped working?  Did you install any new software?  Delete and Preference files or folders?  Upgrade from 10.5 to 10.6?  Anything you can think of will assist.

          Private Message me and let's go from here.





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              I'm finding that a lot of people are having issues with Snow Leopard, and according to B&N Mountain Lion is not supposed to be compatible at all, even though some have gotten it to work. I attempted to download Mac for Nook again yesterday morning after doing a fresh install on my MacBook. It's a mid 2010 which macbook with 2gb of Ram. Nithing was running when I spent the better part of two hours trying every trick in the book to get it running. It freezes on the main screen. I've been trying to use it since spring last year and no, it's never worked. I have never seen past the opening screen on my powerbook (last year) or my Macbook this past year. Unfortunately I only have the one type of computer so I haven't been able to try out another version. All I could seem to find online is people on Snow Leopard that were having the exact same problem. Nook flashes across the gray box and then starts to flash again and gets stuck. Other times it just doesn't open at all. But I have never seen past the main screen :smileysad: Btw , do you happen to have a link regarding Barnes & Noble continuing to supporting Mac and PC because I can't find anything. Only that they are not, "officially" as of June '13 and that's what I was told by our store in Madison. Hopefully I answered all your questions and I appreciate any tips you can suggest to try in order to get this particular app to work. The one tip that seems popular for the Snow Leopard issue is to make a new NOOKforMAC folder in applications and to place the program directly in there after re-downloading it from B&N. It worked for some, not others, and not for me, no matter how many times I've tried. Thanks Dave, -Brittany
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              My awesome husband got it working for me! In case anyone else has problems with Nook for Mac on 10.6.8 and higher, this is what he found, that finally worked for us! :smileyhappy: