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    reappearing avatar pngs

      Does anyone know how to perminantly delete those silly looking avatar png photos? I have deleted them several times using both Gallery and a file managment app I have. Yet they keep reappearing within a day or so. Any help would be appreciated.

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          As they are installed by B&N, not sure that you can delete them without them being replaced.


          If you want to banish them from your photo gallery, one option is to use the free 'Quickpic' photo gallery app from Google Play store instead.

          If you long-press on a folder of pictures and press the three vertical button settings you can choose 'Exclude' or 'Hide' which will hide them from view.  I use Exclude to get rid of random images or videos that come with music files.

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              Thanks. I'll check out Quickpic and see how that works. I'm also going to address this with B&N. Not that it will do much good as they seem to have adopted the attitude that it's their device and I should just be glad that I'm allowed to use it.

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                  The attitude that 'you may have bought it but we control it' seems to be prevalent today...

                  I have the B&N Nook, a Samsung Androd phone and a microsoft os computer, and every one of them seems to be desperately trying to get a piece of me!!

                  I guess if we have super cheap tech (sold at break-even or at a loss) the suppliers are going to try and make their money back somehow.

                  But I must admit I'm seriously tempted to ask Google how much they want to leave me and my battery life alone - B&N are kind in that you can set your profile to not allow hungry Google apps.

                  Just wish my phone did the same!!