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        Try right clicking on date/time on bottom right of desktop > Adjust date/time > Change Time Zone > select equivalent timezone (example.. i'm on Eastern Time so switched to Indiana East) > Click OK > try signing in again. If that works, switch timezone back and try.

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          Nope didn't work.

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            Tried it on both the XP and Win7 machines, didn't do a thing.

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              sorry! I was hopeful, but didn't work for me either.

              • 34. Re: Server error

                Are you able to log into NOOK Study? https://yuzu.com/nsdownload

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                  Log in to NookStudy? Yes. Download anything? No. It lists the book in the library but is unable to download it and open it up.

                  • 36. Re: Server error

                    nook pc down (login 1017 or DL 1017

                    I GO TO dinner,come back try nook study that is , install it. all works

                    then login with nook PC and its working.

                    server was down.... ok.... now we know what 1017 means, (klingon for server down)

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                      Neither NOOKStudy nor NOOK for PC works for me anymore. They open - after an inordinately long period of time - but neither will download books I own nor buy new books.

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                        so it works ok when?, last week or last year?


                        The older books downloaded, are local to  you pc, you lost those?


                        can you long in and read one book? just one. not all,?


                        have you tried doing this on another PC or  laptop, at same location?

                        or tried using another internet connection?:


                        are you getting error codes.?

                        have you tried again today, yesterday they were down.

                        for sure.

                        i tried to read only a new book, and it failed yesterday and 1 day before.

                        too bad they dont post the meaning of all error codes. huh?

                        hope that helps, im a retired tech, not affiliated to anyone.

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                          I just downloaded a book to Nook for PC, and it worked for now. I think it's a hit and miss issue. It's really a shame because this has been going on for quite some time. If people can't get their books, they won't be buying from B&N.

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                            all servers go down.

                            as you can see even this one many times,

                            same with ebay, or a m a zoned. (fill in the blank) even huge parallel servers,  takes humans to untangle it. )

                            MY GUESS  when all automation needs no humans we all will be out of a job, no?

                            all services and severs, go down. or slow down or fail. all. every one (read old news, see?)


                            real books don't go down,  so....  there are trade off's using cloud data. ( i despise the cloud)

                            so down load first, then use it later , off line. be profative.

                            plan for outages. BACKUP,

                            i'm only angry i cant read my new book,  im backed up,

                            you can back up all your books,  read how. and keep them.

                            i have mine on a stick (usb flash)

                            there are posts here on how to backup your nook books.  on this forum. and others.


                            retired tech, over and out.

                            • 41. Re: Server error

                              I don't get error codes; I just don't get my books:  NOOKForPC won't load existing or download ANY NOOK books, though it will allow me to read the Daily Digest. NOOKStudy will read sideloaded books but will neither allow me to read existing nor download new NOOK books from the NOOK Store.


                              I haven't tried the apps on locations other than on the laptop where I originally loaded those apps. It's on my to-do list to load the apps on an older desktop and laptop, to see what happens, but I haven't made the time to do so yet.  Additionally, since I'll be replacing my 2012 laptop within the next month or so, I'll soon have to test how well those apps will work on Windows 10, or whatever version is loaded on the replacement laptop.

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                                windows is a virus and malware sponge. (always look there first)

                                try a diffr. laptop. (it only takes what  3 minutes to load app and run>?)

                                it will work if it has a clean load of windoz. im 100% sure."now"

                                i just now downloaded an archived book  12 noon, CST -5 zone, just for you;

                                it working now.

                                so if your's don't work, its oS /malware related.

                                your AV blocking it?

                                firewall issues.?


                                are you running full AV scan AND UP TO DATE?

                                ALL WINDOWS UPDATES.?

                                GOT DEFENDER RUNNING?>? and up to date.,

                                DO A malwarebytes (free) scan ever?>  now is the time .  ?   and do its full scan yet.


                                these are first things first items.


                                how about  this,  you go to B&N dot com

                                Manage Your Nook

                                login and go to my nook

                                and read nook by web>?

                                that work, it does for me.


                                lots of ways to read your books,

                                real nook

                                nook for pc

                                student nook

                                my web nook.

                                all fail?

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                                  Me either, worked fine before and now shows nothing.  I have tried lots of things watching these forums with interest.

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                                    I also read that xp ,OS are not supported

                                    for sure Microsoft dont.

                                    and most other follow this lead.


                                    its  not down,now.

                                    so if you have problems with window 7 or 8

                                    its a problem with you OS, corruption or connection issues.


                                    and xp is a virus pit, do not run xp. period.

                                    in fact xp infects as you install it, connected to the web.  (it has no fire wall)

                                    avoid , xp.

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