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    Am I the only one who can't install the nook app on the nook hd+

          Short story long, I decided to get in on the HD+ QVC deal recently.  Part of this deal was to receive some free apps, books, magazines, etc. so I jumped on it.  Now, I've had a Nook account for quite a while, bought several ebooks and so forth, even though I had not owned a nook.  Using calibre I loaded these books on my Kobo.  My wife has a ASUS transformer tablet so I had a few apps I got from nook loaded onto there, including the Nook app. 


           When I first got the nook I powered it up and it had the older non google play software on it, so I created my new account, downloaded the free nook app.  After doing all that I then updated the software to the most recent version.  Upon doing so I visited the Google play store and notice that the Nook-read books and magazines app is not compatible with my Nook HD+.  Well, that seems a little odd to me.  I've done some searching around on here and the net in general and while I've seen some other people talking about similar issues, I see no resolution so far. 


           So, am I the only one who owns a Nook HD+ that get the "This item is not compatible with your device" message when I attempt to get the Nook - Read books & magazines app from either google play or B+N's site?  Kinda frustrating as I'd like to be able to load the books and apps I've gotten from the Nook store to my Nook tablet.  Thanks for any info you guys might be able to share with me.