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    One Column in Landscape Mode?

      Does anyone know how to get landscape mode (nook hd) to display just one column instead of two? I would actually use landscape if the text ran the entire length of the screen. I've tried messing with the font size, thinking that enlarging the text might work, but it didn't. I'm pretty sure this was an option under settings for the NT...and seems strange to not offer that on the HD.
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          You get one column on epub books if you tap on the largest 3 font sizes. (In fact, I never saw the two column pages before because I read on the third largest font size.)


          Are you finding 2-page displays on pdf's? If so, go to settings, then applications, then tap on reader. Make sure "enable 2-page PDF display mode in landscape" is unchecked.


          On magazines, it's one page in portrait mode, and two pages in landscape mode, with zoom capabilities, as far as I know.



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            Had the 2 column un-checked, but today - first time - had a 2 column display.. WOW, but you answer was the correct one,