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    HD Charge Lights

      I bought the Nook HD recently, the 8gb version. I already own the HD+, bought that one last November (the 16gb version). My problem concerns the HD, when I charge it the indicator light shows a steady green color even if the tablet battery is down to, say, 10%. The charge light never shows the amber/yellow color which is supposed to indicate charging is taking place. The HD does charge completely, but without the indicator light it's hard to tell when the tablet can be taken off the charger. The HD+ charge lights work fine, btw. I was just wondering if anybody else has had this problem?

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          I had a charge problem with Nook HD.  There are lots of posts to read.  The post that I tried had me try the cable with different sources until the reader said "charging."  I'm using a USB to socket/car lighter recharger and the nook HD cable.  (No lights appear on the cable, even when charging.)  Some people say the charging lights on the cable don't show up until 98% (yellow) 100% (green).

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            The lights on my hd+ have never changed colors when charging