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    how to get more books per page?

      Just got a HD, upgrading from a NC and was wondering if I'm missing a setting to increase the number of books per page. I can only get about 16 per page on the HD.  I used to have about 25 per page on the NC. I don't mind the home page look with the rotating bar, but if I'm only going to get a few books per page, then I either need a way to add pages or increase the number of books per page.  Does anyone have any suggestions or recommendations? Thanks in advance.

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          The carousel is only meant to show new/unopened (on the right) and recent accesses. You have four more pages on which you can put short cut links.


          The main listing is the library application, which does not work in pages; it scrolls vertically. And you can attempt shelving.

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              I understand the function of the carousel, i just mentioned it as others have stated how much they wish it would go away. I still have the problem of lack of space for all the books i am reading or going to read. I had used the pages on the NC to separate between reading, up next and such. Hard as it is to believe i used every available space. Imagine my surprise to find out that since i can only get a few per page on the HD i have no room for all the apps i want to pull in from my google play account. So back to the original question, can i get more than 16 books per page with a setting, or is there a way to add more pages so i can organize the HD to be more useful to me?