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    Best way to handle two Nooks


      We have an HD+ and just bought an HD (SD'ers will know why:smileywink:).  The HD is an 8GB so not a lot of space but it is for my wife and she will be happy with a few games and the Zinio app.

      Question is how to register it?  I initially was going to use my BN account so we could share content between the two.  But then I thought the HD would have to have everything that is (or will be) on the HD+ and that will quickly fill its memory.  Or can I somehow not put say books and certain apps I have on the HD+ even if it shares an account with the HD?

      Open to any other suggestions as well.  I know I could just create a new BN account for the HD but was hoping to avoid that.  Thanks.

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          From your device, set up a profile for her. Then register her device to your account. This will give her access to all of your apps/magazines/books. She just wont be able to download them all like you can. She really only has access to 5g for her downloaded content. You might want to try installing a sd card prior to installing any apps.(some apps will download content to the sd card if its there when installed.) 


          Magazines can take up a lot of space. She might only be able to keep current editions on the device. Personally, would have gone for the 16gb device. Not much more $, she can put a lot more content on it.


          If you havent played with the Profiles/Manage Content, now would be a good time.  You will both need to co-ordinate archiving (which makes content/apps inaccessable to BOTH parties) vs "cloud" which is device specific(not to hard really, since hd's dont have archiving as an on device option, unless you really look for it.) Just something to be aware of.


          What's a SDer?