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    Real Archiving on the HD and HD+

      Prior to this, the only option for manipulating the status of library books  in the nook library has been 'move to cloud'.  This opened up room in the library, but did not seem to be as effective as 'archiving' in getting books and apps unstuck or to download a new, clean file.  An archiving function is now available.  Go to the library.  Hold down the 'up' button on volume control until the volume control is all the way up.  At  the same time as you are pressing on the 'up' volume button, do a long touch on the book that you want to archive.  You will now see that there is an 'archive' option in the menu.  to unarchive, go the the 4 lines at the bottom left corner of the library and touch them and choose "view archive".  Use the same procedure as archiving, but of course the option in the menu now says "unarchive".