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    Missing apps - there one day, gone the next

      I have a new HD+ (HD) and an old Color (Nook).  When I first got the HD all my apps from the Nook appeared in my apps page.  I downloaded and installed a number of them.  I also opened them and they all played.  The next day many of my apps disappeared from my HD.  I went to the B&N store to try to redownload, but it doesn't work.  The button says 'Open' but nothing happens.  There were a number of apps I did not download which also disappeared.  These are not compatible with the HD, which I am fine with


      One a few apps I was able to delete the app from my Nook, then reinstall it on both devices (Nook and HD).  However the next day they had disappeared AGAIN.


      I am also having the problem with Google Music Play.  From that discussion I learned about the Android Task Manager.  In Task Manager, none of these apps appear.


      All of these apps are compatible with the HD.  I opened them at least once.  These include four apps I use daily (Alarm Clock, Weather, Nightstand; American Civil War Gazette; Crosswords; Goodreads).


      I am also having problems with the Google Calendar synching (not the default one that comes with the HD).  Again, it worked fine the first time.  Now it says “Google Play Services error”.  I am going to write a separate post for this issue, but wanted to point it out in case it was relevant.


      Anybody else having these problems?  Any suggestions or solutions?  I am about to do the deregister thing, even though it takes a lot of time to get everything back.