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      Okay, we've been at it in this new forum for a little while now. Is it just me or is there anything that you miss from the old forum?

      I miss tagging the way it use to be. There was lots of good information that I had tagged that I just can't find now. If we mark a post as helpful, how are we suppose to find it again? I just want maybe that one bit of information and not have to read through the entire discussion again to find it.

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          The weird two-modes for viewing articles is annoying. Not so much that I miss the old version, but having edit behave differently when I view an article one way versus another, and having the editor itself differ is bothersome. I look for the <HTML> option, then realize I have to exit, click on the thread title and re-edit my post to get all the options.


          I found it much easier to track what was new in the older version. There seem to be several views now, and it's not clear what's really different (e.g. Inbox versus Places) or why.


          Of course, there was a lot more traffic before, so there was more to track in the first place.

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            I find the whole setup confusing and a bit daunting. I'm sure a lot of that's due to the fact that I haven't had the time to be here very much, but still ....

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              I find I use this forum differently than the old one. But I don't really care which one we're on.


              I agree with Bob, that I've no idea what's new and I miss stuff here. But I also see posts that I wouldn't have seen in the other forum because I use the "Content" view and everything in the forums is in there.

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                I miss multiple things about the old forum. Here are a few that spring readily to mind:

                • the easy tagging,
                • the ability to easily see new content (and to distinguish it from old content),
                • the ability to see who made the last post in a thread and the title of said post,
                • the ability to write one's own title for a post
                • the ability to easily post "product" information into the free NOOK book threads.

                I'm not crazy about this Jive platform, but one thing I like about it is the ability to edit one's own posts, even after a lengthy interim.

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                  I miss the old method of tagging as well.  I have yet to figure out how it really works in the new forum.


                  I do like being able to completely delete a post. Recently I realized I had posted a link to a free book that someone had already posted earlier, and it was nice to be able to go back and completely delete mine. I also like having an easier option to edit posts.

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                    I've done the same thing. I posted a book, then a day later realized it had already been posted on a previous page, and I was able to delete my post even though a lot of time had passed. That's definetly a plus.

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                      Here's something else I like better about the new platform than the new one: when I press "like", only 1 "like" registers, whereas on the old platform, 2 likes would register (I guess, because I used the same username/login for both the forum and BN.com).

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                        The reason you gave 2 kudos each time had to do with your rank in the forum structure. Some of us gave 3 each time.


                        There might be something similar here, but we don't know as no one has gotten higher than level 5.

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                          Thank you for the update. I didn't know that; the old system was even more inappropriate than I knew. I hope the new Jive system will not give more weight to one user's like than another.

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                            I mostly post about best bargains, and really miss the former quick ability to link to a book.  Is there a quick way to get the book cover on the post? 

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                              The only way I know how is to copy and paste the image.

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                                Don't forget the very valuable "MORE LIKE THIS" list at the right of discussions, which allows you to resurrect and reply to two-year-old discussions.  [sarcasm intended]


                                If Barnes and Noble thinks this is the way to "improve the customer experience", they have missed the mark by a wide margin.  Deja vu all over again.


                                Ever wonder why divorced people often go back to their ex-partners?

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                                  Dean Gibson wrote:


                                  Ever wonder why divorced people often go back to their ex-partners?

                                  Are you divorced from Barnes or from Noble?

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                                    I'd be considering a divorce, except for the offspring.

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