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    Privacy between profiles -Sharing the same apps

      Hi all!

      So, I set up two adult profiles, one for my girlfriend and one for me (main profile). When I go to Manage Content of her profile I add all the apps that I want to "share" with her. That's easy.

      The only big-huge-paramount problem I find is that whenever one of use logs in into one app (say Gmail), the other can see his emails using the other profile!

      Is this supposed to be working this way? What's the benefit of this? Do B&N plans to change this setting and make privacy serious between profiles?


      Thanks! Apart from this issue, it's a great gadget.





















































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































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          Hi Diego,

          That seems to be the way it is currently set up.

          If you would like B&N to change this feature, post a suggestion on the Issue Reporting board.


          If other people would like the change too, they give it kudos and it goes up the rankings.  

          That board is apparently monitored by B&N.

          Good luck

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            IMO, it's designed to easily share content across devices, not for two adults to share a single device.Ideas to get around this.


            1) Have you tried using the built in email? That appears to be profile specific. (By that I mean, dont see the email accounts have set up under primary account under the other profiles.) So one of you could use that, the other could use the app. (Its your device, you pick the one you like and set girlfriend up with the other.) The other app mentionef for email is the K9 app. (Havent tried it but its been mentioned enough.)

            2) Set up different browsers for each profile. You get Chrome or Dolphin, she gets the other one. Go into your profile, Manage Content, and check/uncheck boxes so the other doesnt see that particular app. Think Puffin (paid?) may be the one that still offers flash (but not positive.) And with GP store, there may be other browser options available now.

            3) Only one of you can usr the Facebook app. The other will have to sign in using browser.

            4) Dont know how stable your relationship is at this point. If you set a passcode, its device specific, not profile specific. And once your into the device, its child's play to get into the other adult profiles. The only way around this is to set her up with a child profile (make her 17), and then she doesnt need the passcode. The downside to this is that a few people have reported problems after doing this and ended up having to resetting to factory settings and reinstalling everything. (I've had a "Guest" profile set up this way for about 6 months without problems, but have seen a few others report that as soon as they did this, they had a problem with their device.)  Of course, if you really like her, you could get her her own device. 


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              Profiles basically just control access to the "app" as a whole.


              The normal Android development view is that all data is "owned" by the application and is stored in an application specific location. Android was not designed to use "user specific" data locations since it assumed one user (and no login).


              The library, built-in email, contacts, and maybe original browser were written to make use of a profile name to control access to data. Any thing else (especially if it is not an HD/+ only app) is coded on the assumption of one-app means one data storage. I suspect even the replacement Chrome browser may not be profile-aware.


              Honoring profiles at the application data level will require the applications to be updated for the new API functions (eg; are we running on a nook HD/+, if so retrieve current profile ID, create/access profile data directory; if not use application default data directory). 


              Nook profiles are the equivalent of Windows 95! Applications used to store their configuration files in the program installation directory where every "user" shared the data. WinXP was the first to try to prevent that by setting the install directory to read-only, but it only needed one quick change to unlock. Win7 is the first to really enforce that, even admin has to go through loops to affect the install directory.


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                This has been a big turn off for my husband about this device. I'm surprised no-one else has commented on this. What is the point of separate profile when it acts as the same profile w a different login? Anyone find a way to fix this?