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    HD+ Wakes itself up when I move the device

      Has anyone had any issues with the HD+ waking itself up when you move it.  Sometimes the Welcome Back screen appears (where you have to swipe to get into the device), but other times it goes straight in to whatever i was doing last. 


      I have it in a Poetic case that has a bluetooth kbd, but I usually don't have the kbd in the case.  I can actually hear it waking up / going to sleep - sometimes multiple times in a row - when, for example, I pick it up off the table to put it in my bag.  It often wakes itself up when I open the case, even if it has been asleep for several hours.


      Is this normal?

      Thanks, Robin

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          I don't know if it is normal, but my Nook does this as well.

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            Some of the Nook cases have a magnetic closure that also "wakes and sleeps" the Nook.  I know the Poetic cases are one of these as I had one.  Whenever I moved the Nook when it was in the case, it would wake up.  It caused the battery to drain.  I quit using the case and no longer have the problem.  Luckily I recognized the problem soon after purchase, so I was able to return the case.


            I have seen others have this same problem with other cases with the "auto wake" feature.  Try taking the Nook out of the case for a day or so to see if this is the issue.