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    Nook HD+ and enhance books

      I have had my HD+ for a little over a week. I was excited thinking that enhanced books would be great on the device, but they aren't downloading. At first I thought it was just one book and after nearly an hour on the phone with Tech support they sent a content complaint to the publisher. However today I tried to download the one other that I bought over a year ago and it did the same thing. 


      Both books act like they are going to download and get to 99%, but then it goes back asking me to download it. I can't call tech support about this again until I can make the call from someplace else since my satillite internet has download limits and the files are huge. 


      I've restored to factory, let the battery run out, archived and re-downloaded, tried on multiple wifi networks, and nothing is working. Though to be fair I only tried to second book once.  Is anybody else having problems?