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    Nook HD+ touchscreen stopped responding

      Got my HD+ last week. Was pretty happy until I found one issue with the screen. Whenever I touched the screen I can see the icon/link was selected/highlighted but no desired action was taken, e.g. app didn't open or link didn't open. Tried to terminated some background apps. No luck. Had to restart the device and it went back to normal until next time it happens.

      One of my friends had the same problem and we both noticed that the problem happened after using chrome. Not sure if that's the cause but it happened to me 4 times in three days and drove me crazy. Any advice?

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          I have the same problem, but it is not (for me) happening only after using chrome. Usually this happens when I am playing Sudoku. The hd+ appears to stop accepting touch input and will only start accepting touch input after being rebooted. When this happens, if I try to go back to reading, it loses track of my location in the book.  I do believe that this problem started AFTER B&N moved to chrome. Anyone know of a better fix than rebooting?

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            I hate to say it, but unless you root, rebooting is probably the only answer. If you're reluctant to do a "permanent" root, then I would recommend the N2A sd card. It allows you to run the highly respected Cyanogenmod 10 mod of Jellybean 2.1, AND still leaves the stock NOOK OS in tact, if you ever wanted to go back to it. Once in this mode, most of these software misfires, which is what you have, can be corrected with root type software such as ROM toolbox, available on Google Play .
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              My hd plus also does that, but I don't use the chrome browser.  I can usually just turn the screen off for a couple seconds and back on and it will start working.  Occasionally changing the orientation will also fix it.


              It is really frustrating, though, especially when playing one of the timed games !

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                Does anyone know if this problem is going to be addressed? It happens to me all the time, after a certain amount of use the touch screen stops responding and has to be rebooted... Very frustrating and it should be a high priority to get it corrected, but I'm sure B&N hasn't even acknowledged the problem.. 

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                  I've been having the same problem. I got my nook in August of last year and in October my charger would no longer work. Now it is February and my screen is not responding. I've tried turning it on and off and it only works for the first few touches before it stops responding again. I would try to swipe left or right & it would open an app I didn't even click, and when I do open an app it doesn't respond to my commands or it exit out of it and it's getting frustrating.
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                    Forgive what may be a dumb question, but have you done a full shutdown and reboot?  That is, held the power button down about 30 seconds to force power off?  


                    If that doesn't work, you could try an erase and deregister since the system is so stuck.


                    Fortunately, it sounds like you're still under the one year warranty?