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        Hi ReformedReader!


        Here's how I am posting free books and I hope it will make sense. It has been a challenge without the "add product" button.


        First, open up two tabs within your browser, with the reply window on one and the free book from B&N's site on the other.


        Find the book you want to post on B&N's site. Make sure you go to a page with several books listed so the image of the book cover will be smaller and easier to copy and paste. For example, choose a page with several books by the author or by the same title.  Pick your book and then just copy and paste to the reply window. Then type in the title of the book below the image. Highlight the book title.


        Now actually go to B&N's page for that particular book (the page you want to use for the link). Copy the web-site address for that page. Come back to the reply window and click the "insert link." It's right beside the "emoticons" button. Paste the link in the URL box and click "insert." This should create the link to your free book.


        Now just add any other information you want to add.


        Hope this helps!


        It's really less complicated than all of this sounds and I apologize for my wordiness. 

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          Thanks for the reply.  I was able to get the book cover in one of my posts, but I had to manually edit the HTML to do it.  Your way is significantly less complicated than that.



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            Ford Audiobook Club's October 2014 freebie (finally!)


            Everything I Never Told You

            by Celeste Ng & Cassandra Campbell (Narrator)



            Lydia is dead. But they don’t know this yet . . . So begins the story of this exquisite debut novel, about a Chinese American family living in 1970s small-town Ohio. Lydia is the favorite child of Marilyn and James Lee; their middle daughter, a girl who inherited her mother’s bright blue eyes and her father’s jet-black hair. Her parents are determined that Lydia will fulfill the dreams they were unable to pursue—in Marilyn’s case that her daughter become a doctor rather than a homemaker, in James’s case that Lydia be popular at school, a girl with a busy social life and the center of every party.


            When Lydia’s body is found in the local lake, the delicate balancing act that has been keeping the Lee family together tumbles into chaos, forcing them to confront the long-kept secrets that have been slowly pulling them apart. James, consumed by guilt, sets out on a reckless path that may destroy his marriage. Marilyn, devastated and vengeful, is determined to find a responsible party, no matter what the cost. Lydia’s older brother, Nathan, is certain that the neighborhood bad boy Jack is somehow involved. But it’s the youngest of the family—Hannah—who observes far more than anyone realizes and who may be the only one who knows the truth about what happened.


            A profoundly moving story of family, history, and the meaning of home, Everything I Never Told You is both a gripping page-turner and a sensitive family portrait, exploring the divisions between cultures and the rifts within a family, and uncovering the ways in which mothers and daughters, fathers and sons, and husbands and wives struggle, all their lives, to understand one another.


            Product Details

            • Audible Audio Edition
            • Listening Length: 10 hours and 1 minute
            • Program Type: Audiobook
            • Version: Unabridged
            • Publisher: Blackstone Audio
            • Audible.com Release Date: June 26, 2014
            • Whispersync for Voice: Ready
            • Language: English
            • ASIN: B00JU4PGI8
            • Average Customer Review: 4.1 out of 5 stars See all reviews (270 customer reviews)
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                Simon & Schuster offers "A Free eBook for You" via Bookshout.com

                Received the following email today:



                RE: A Free eBook for You

              FROM: Simon & Schuster

              DATE: Today at 10:06 AM

              Have a great read — it’s on us.

              Since you like to read as much as we do, we thought you’d enjoy a free ebook from a list of our favorite new releases and bestsellers. Redeem the code below at Bookshout.com and read on any browser-enabled device with an Internet connection, or you can download the free Bookshout mobile app and read at any time.


              REDEEM NOW

              We hope you discover a great new read!
              The Simon & Schuster Team

              Here are the choices:


              •    Revenge Wears Prada: The Devil Returns

              Lauren Weisberger


              With brand-new scenes, The New York Times bestseller and sequel you’ve been waiting for—the follow-up to the #1 New York Times bestseller, The Devil Wears Prada!Almost a decade has passed since Andy...READ FULL DESCRIPTION


              •    Tuscan Rose

              Belinda Alexandra


              A magical, richly woven World War II– era saga filled with passion, secrets, beauty, and horror from internationally acclaimed bestselling author Belinda Alexandra. FLORENCE, 1914. A mysterious...READ FULL DESCRIPTION


              •    Happy, Happy, Happy: My Life and Legacy as the Duck Commander

              Phil Robertson, Mark Schlabach


              This no-holds-barred autobiography chronicles the remarkable life of Phil Robertson, the original Duck Commander and Duck Dynasty® star, from early childhood through the founding of a family business....READ FULL DESCRIPTION


              •    This Side of Paradise

              F. Scott Fitzgerald


              This Side of Paradise, F. Scott Fitzgerald's romantic and witty first novel, was written when the author was only twenty-three years old. This semiautobiographical story of the handsome, indulged,...READ FULL DESCRIPTION


              •    The Silver Star: A Novel

              Jeannette Walls


              From the #1 New York Times bestselling author of The Glass Castle, Jeannette Walls’ gripping new novel that "transports us with her powerful storytelling...She contemplates the extraordinary bravery...READ FULL DESCRIPTION


              •    House Rules: A Novel

              Jodi Picoult


              When your son can’t look you in the eye . . . does that mean he’s guilty? Jacob Hunt is a teen with Asperger’s syndrome. He’s hopeless at reading social cues or expressing himself well to others,...READ FULL DESCRIPTION



              •    Uglies

              Scott Westerfeld, Rodrigo Corral


              Everybody gets to be supermodel gorgeous. What could be wrong with that? Tally is about to turn sixteen, and she can't wait. Not for her license -- for turning pretty. In Tally's world, your...READ FULL DESCRIPTION

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                Thanks for the directions. With a little patience and practice, I'll hopefully get the hang of it.

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                  Hi, I'm new to this forum. This appears to be an Audible.com audiobook. Which app on the Nook tablet or Nook HD+ can be used to listen to it? I've gotten my free copy but haven't downloaded it yet because I'm not sure which option to choose. I prefer to be able to use it on a portable device, but don't have a mp3 player that is compatible. Any information you or others can provide is appreciated.  Thanks.

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                    Hello KLH,

                    Happy listening!

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                      Free audiobook with ebook:


                      Tantor Media - The Invisible Man, with eBook

                      Author:  H. G. Wells  

                      Narrated by:  Scott Brick  

                      Publication date:  Aug 11, 2008 

                      Running time:  7 hrs


                      Short Synopsis:
                      One of the most famous scientific fantasies ever written, this highly imaginative tale focuses on the powers and bold ventures of a scientist who, after discovering the means to make himself invisible, unleashes a bizarre streak of terror on the inhabitants of an English village.


                      Full Synopsis:
                      Once a brilliant scientist, Griffin has been gradually consumed by his research. When he finally achieves his goal—becoming completely invisible—the final result is his departure from humanity. He feels no remorse in using his invisibility to gratify his increasing desires. As he gradually loses his mind, it is hard to determine if it is a result of his chemical concoction or a simple continuation of his moral decline.


                      At a time when science fiction was depicting what wonders the future would bring, H. G. Wells was one of the first writers to explore the dark side of science and to portray how easily mortal man can be corrupted when tempted by seemingly unlimited power. First published in 1897, The Invisible Man helped establish Wells as one of the first and best writers of science fiction. Notable for its sheer invention, suspense, and psychological nuance, The Invisible Man continues to enthrall science fiction fans today.

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                          They're out! Here are the November 2014 Samsung Book Deals selections from the Kindle store (in the order presented). Click on Samsung Book Deals to learn how this works.

                        The Scourge (The Scourge series, Book 1)
                        by Roberto Calas
                        Original Kindle price: $3.99 (Not available at the NOOK Store)



                          Book Description
                        Publication Date: November 13, 2012
                        God has forsaken this land.

                        A mysterious plague descends upon 14th century England, ravaging the country and trapping the souls of the afflicted in eternal madness. The feudal hierarchy--and even the church itself-- slowly crumbles as the dead rise to feed and the living seek whatever shelter they can. The bishops of England call for calm and obedience, but one man isn’t listening.

                        Sir Edward of Bodiam has been separated from the woman he loves and nothing on heaven or earth can stop him from seeking her out.

                        Edward and two of his knights travel through the swiftly changing landscape of England, a countryside now overrun by the minions of hell. The knights encounter madness, violence, and sorrow, but Edward fights his way ever deeper into the thickening darkness of unholy terror.

                        Roberto Calas brings you along on a dark, historical tale full of love, death, and black humor. Follow Edward as he journeys to save his wife, his kingdom, and his very soul.

                        Episode List
                        This book was initially released in episodes as a Kindle Serial. All episodes are now available for immediate download as a complete book. Learn more about Kindle Serials

                        Genres (from Goodreads)
                        fiction, fantasy, horror, historical fiction, medieval, science fiction, zombies
                        The Summer Son: A Novel
                        by Craig Lancaster
                        Original Kindle price: $3.99 (Not available at the NOOK Store)




                          Book Description
                        Publication Date: January 6, 2011
                        He owed a lot of people, but I was the only one left to collect. I told myself that I didn’t care about him, only about what he owed me, whatever that was.

                        I even tried to believe it.

                        When Mitch Quillen’s life begins to unravel, he fears there is no escape. His marriage and his career are both failing, and his relationship with his father has been a disaster for decades. Approaching forty, Mitch doesn’t want to become a middle-aged statistic. When his estranged father, Jim, suddenly calls, Mitch’s wife urges him to respond. Ready for a change, Mitch heads to Montana and a showdown that will alter the course of his life. Amid a backdrop of rugged peaks and valleys, the story unfolds: a violent episode that triggered the rift, thirty years of miscommunication, and the possibility of misplaced blame. In Craig Lancaster’s powerful novel, The Summer Son, readers are invited into a family where conflict and secrets prevail, and where hope for healing and redemption is possible.

                        Genres (from Goodreads)
                        fiction, family

                        The Survivors Club
                        by J. Carson Black
                        Original Kindle price: $4.99 (Not available in the NOOK Store)




                          Book Description
                        Publication Date: October 15, 2013
                        Detective Tess McCrae investigates a grisly crime scene in the ghost town of Credo, Arizona. To an ordinary investigator, the evidence suggests a cartel drug hit. But Tess, with a nearly faultless photographic memory, is far from ordinary, and she sees what others might miss: this is no drug killing. Someone went to gruesome lengths to cover up this crime.

                        The killer’s trail leads Tess from Tucson to California; from anti-government squatters in the Arizona mountains to the heights of wealthy society, including the rich and powerful DeKoven family, who've dominated Arizona commerce and politics since the 1800s. But as Tess follows the trail of gore and betrayal, perfect and indelible in her memory, she uncovers far more than one man’s murder, and solves much more than one isolated crime.

                        The Survivors Club is a serpentine, stay-up-all-night thriller from New York Times bestselling author and master storyteller J. Carson Black.

                        Genres (from Goodreads)
                        fiction, mystery, thriller
                        Storm Force (Omega Force series, Book 1)
                        by Susannah Sandlin
                        Original Kindle price: $3.99 (Not available in the NOOK Store)




                          Book Description
                        Publication Date: March 19, 2013
                        As leader of the elite counter-terrorism team Omega Force, former army ranger Jack “Kell” Kellison is always focused on getting the job done. So when a Houston high-rise is bombed and the governor killed or missing, Kell’s mission is clear: infiltrate the group suspected of the bombing and neutralize the threat by any means necessary. But once Kell meets beautiful chief suspect Mori Chastaine, he realizes there’s more to this case than meets the eye. And more to Mori than any man—any human man—could imagine.

                        Mori Chastaine is running out of options. Suspected for a crime she didn’t commit, forced into a marriage she doesn’t want, she sees no escape—until Kell walks through her door. A lifetime hiding her true nature warns her Kell might not be who he seems. But he could be the only one able to help save more innocent humans from becoming pawns in an ancient paranormal power play. If Mori reveals her secret, will Kell join her fight? Or will she become his next target?

                        Episode List
                        This book was initially released in episodes as a Kindle Serial. All episodes are now available for immediate download as a complete book. Learn more about Kindle Serials.

                        Genres (from Goodreads)
                        fiction, fantasy, military, paranormal, romance, shapeshifters, thriller


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                          ChristianAudio's monthly freebie: November 2014


                          The Attributes of God, Volume 1

                          by A.W. Tozer & Michael Kramer (Narrator)



                          A.W. Tozer is a giant among Christian authors. His books speak to the majesty and sovereignty of God in the most beautiful and reverent tones. That is why we are so pleased to offer The Attributes of God, Volume 1 as the free audiobook of the month for November. One of Tozer’s most famous quotes is “Whatever comes into our mind when we think about God is the most important thing about us.” We agree with him and hope that this audiobook helps us think rightly about who God is.

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                            Just wondering if Barnes and Noble is going to match any of these offerings on these books? 75% Off Sale - Books on Google Play

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                              If you see something you really want, don't wait.  Just get it there.  I picked up a couple myself -- thanks!

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                                Oh, I bought a whole bunch of them yesterday. I was just pointing this out to Barnes and Noble.

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                                  Ah, okay.


                                  It was nice to see a lot of the latest books in a series on sale.  Instead of just the usual first in a series.

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