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    How to open Text file in Chrome

      How to open Text File in Chrome Browser     Some times you need to reference notes, you can use an app like Fliq Note for that but then you have to load the app then navigate to that page.  I needed a quick reference for Chrome & Android shortcut keys that work with my new Poetic Nook HD keyboard, thus the a quick text file. Some may already know how to open a text file in chrome but for those who don't here it is.


      1st I haven't figured out how to save a text file yet in chrome,  I know how to open a text window in Chrome to write text, but I haven't figured out how to save it yet.  


      Create the text file, I used the trial Office Suite Pro 7, however there is a simple editor built into the file manager app "Open Explorer".  Lets call your text file   test.txt, and save it in the /sdcard/My Files folder.  


      To open test.txt, open Chrome in the URL address bar type /sdcard  you will notice as soon as you enter /sd  the browser will try to list links below the address bar with file:///sdcard, select that and it will open to the /sdcard folder, click on “My Files”, click on test.txt, it will open in your browser.  


      You can now bookmark your text file.  When you try to open your bookmarked text file it will not open in the same tab as the bookmarks, instead a new tab will open displaying the text file.


      If someone can suggest a good Notepad type app that creates, saves, edit, open text files, without wanting access to everything in your system, please recommend.



      **Posted from my Nook HD / Poetic keyboard**