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        Happy Thanksgiving, all!




          The shocking debut of France’s most ruthless villain


        After dinner, the guests of the Marquise de Langrune amuse one another with tales of the chilling deeds of Fantômas, a fiendish criminal whose reach is limitless, whose thirst for mayhem can never be quenched. The next morning, young Charles Rambert leaves early to meet his father at the train station. When he returns, the chateau is in an uproar. The Marquise has been slaughtered in her bed.


        She was found not long after Rambert’s departure, her body soaked in blood, her neck severed all the way to the bone. Suspecting his son may be the killer, Charles’s father insists they leave immediately. But Inspector Juve sees the hand of Fantômas in the grisly deed, and in two other dastardly crimes that have Paris in an uproar: the brazen theft of Princess Sonia’s pocketbook and the murder of Lord Beltham, whose body was found stuffed in a trunk. Juve has pledged his life to apprehending the criminal mastermind and will stop at nothing to see Fantômas hang.


        This ebook has been professionally proofread to ensure accuracy and readability on all devices.

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          The Gift of a Legacy: A Novel

          The Gift of a Legacy: A Novel by Jim Stovall |

          Beloved author Jim Stovall continues his best-selling Ultimate Gift series with The Gift of a Legacy. “Just tell me how I can get my money and get out of here.” Theodore Hamilton’s good friend and Joey Anderson’s great-grandmother, Sally Mae Anderson, touched many lives during her lifetime. Joey, however, has little interest in his great-grandmother’s final wishes after she dies—until he learns that she’s left him Anderson House, her successful bed-and-breakfast. But he will only inherit if he lives at Anderson House and follows Sally Mae’s instructions. How can Joey ever meet her challenge?

          Jason Stevens knows how Joey is feeling. After all, Jason’s grandfather left him a similar inheritance years before—and his life has never been the same. The Gift of a Legacy reminds us that one legacy can change the world forever.

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            Seeker of Stars: A Novel by Susan Fish |

            As a boy, Melchior is fascinated by stars but has rigid obligations to apprentice with his rug-making father. When his life is radically changed, he is propelled onto a new path full of danger and glory in pursuit of a special star. The journey leads Melchior to reflect on life and death, dreams and duty, and to find unusual reconciliation within his family and with the God he never knew he sought. Destined to become a classic, Seeker of Stars offers a fresh retelling of the story of the magi, and will appeal to people of all ages and faiths.

            Seeker of Stars: A Novel

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              The Christmas Bus

              The Christmas Bus by Melody Carlson | 9781441200921 | NOOK Book (eBook) | Barnes & Noble

              The people of Christmas Valley always celebrate Christmas to the fullest extent. The mayor plays Santa, every business is holiday themed, and there's a nativity for the kids each Christmas Eve. This town knows Christmas.


              But this year nothing goes according to plan. Shepherd's Inn is full of strangers, Mad Myrtle is causing problems, and a young couple with a baby due any minute rolls in to the middle of town in their Partridge Family-style bus. It's hardly the holiday Christmas Valley wanted--but it may be just what they need. This charming novella is sure to become a new Christmas tradition for readers who love a great holiday story.

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                The Manual to Manhood: How to Cook the Perfect Steak, Change a Tire, Impress a Girl & 97 Other Skills You Need to Survive

                The Manual to Manhood: How to Cook the Perfect Steak, Change a Tire, Impress a Girl & 97 Other Skills You Need to Surviv…

                There's a lot a guy needs to know as he grows up and makes his way in the world. And a lot of it, he wouldn't necessarily want to have to ask about because then, well, people would know he didn't know what he was doing! For all the guys out there who want to have it all together, Jonathan Catherman offers this collection of one hundred step-by-step instructions on almost everything a guy needs to know, including how to

                · wear cologne correctly

                · manage a credit card

                · talk to a girl

                · plan a date

                · write a résumé

                · ask for a reference

                · clean a bathroom

                · throw a football

                · change a tire

                · behave during a traffic stop

                · fold a shirt

                · tie a tie

                · grill a steak

                · clear a sink drain

                · find a stud in a wall

                In fact, if it's in here, it's an important skill or character trait practiced by capable and confident men. With great illustrations and a supporting website, this all-in-one reference tool for young men in the making is the perfect gift for birthdays, graduations, or any occasion.

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                  Going Gray by Brian Spangler | 2940046272406 | NOOK Book (eBook) | Barnes & Noble


                  Going Gray


                  An Apocalyptic Thriller
                  Going Gray is a 285 page (56k word) novel, and is Book 1 of the Gray Series.

                  "Grips you from the start and doesn't let go. Going Gray is hard to put down."
                  -Jason Gurley, bestselling author of Greatfall.

                  "Captivated me from the first page with its intensity... a gripping read!"
                  -Jennifer Jaynes, USA TODAY bestselling author of Never Smile at Strangers.

                  "Intensity from the first sentence. Hold on for the thrilling ride."
                  -Ernie Lindsay, USA TODAY bestselling author of Sara's Game.

                  "Brian Spangler has taken the terror thriller in a new and exciting direction with Going Gray, and he had me turning pages the whole way."
                  -Michael Bunker, bestselling author of Pennsylvania.

                  "A haunting tale that will stick with you long after you've read the last page."
                  -Kate Danley, USA TODAY bestselling author.

                  When Emily heard the first scream, she became concerned.
                  When she heard a second scream, she grew scared.
                  When she heard the third scream, she was struck with terror.
                  But it was what Emily could not hear that frightened her the most.

                  Emily wakes to find that her world has plummeted into darkness--the clouds have spilled out of the sky and taken the sun.

                  And there is more to the mist than just the dangers of being blind--the fog is poison, killing everything in its path. Their home is no match for the caustic fog, and her family is suddenly running for their lives.

                  But when she learns that the machines built to save the world could be the cause of the accident, Emily turns to her father--the original architect--with the hope that they can stop the environmental catastrophe.

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                    Samson's Lovely Mortal (Scanguards Vampires #1)

                    Samson's Lovely Mortal (Scanguards Vampires #1) by Tina Folsom | 2940046312560 | NOOK Book (eBook) | Barnes & Noble


                    NEW YORK TIMES & USA TODAY Bestselling Author Tina Folsom presents: Samson's Lovely Mortal (Scanguards Vampires #1)

                    Vampire bachelor Samson can't get it up anymore. Not even his shrink can help him. That changes when the lovely mortal auditor Delilah tumbles into his arms after a seemingly random attack. Suddenly there's nothing wrong with his hydraulics - that is, as long as Delilah is the woman in his arms.

                    His scruples about taking Delilah to bed vanish when his shrink suggests it's the only way to cure his problem. Thinking all he needs is one night with her, Samson indulges in a night of pleasure and passion.

                    However, another attack on Delilah and a dead body later, and Samson has his hands full: not only with trying to hide the fact he's a vampire, but also with finding out what secrets Delilah harbors for somebody to want her harm.

                    "I'm addicted to Tina Folsom's books! The Scanguards series is one of the hottest things to happen to vampire romance. If you love scorching, fast-paced reads, don't miss this thrilling series!" --- Lara Adrian, New York Times Bestselling Author of the Midnight Breed series

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                      The Call of the Wild

                      The Call of the Wild

                      by Jack London


                      • ISBN-13: 9781480477018
                      • Publisher: Open Road Media
                      • Publication date: 3/18/2014
                      • Pages: 98
                      • File size: 239 KB

                      Part St. Bernard, part Scotch shepherd, Buck is a sturdy crossbreed canine accustomed to a comfortable life as a family dog -- until he's seized from his pampered surroundings and shipped to Alaska to be a sled dog. There, the forbidding landscape is as harsh as life itself during the gold rush of the 1890s. Forced to function in a climate where every day is a savage struggle for survival, Buck adapts quickly. Traces of his earlier existence are obliterated and he reverts to his dormant primeval instincts, encountering danger and adventure as he becomes the leader of a wolf pack and undertakes a journey of nearly mythical proportions. Superb details, taken from Jack London's firsthand knowledge of Alaskan frontier life, make this classic tale of endurance as gripping today as it was over a century ago. One of literature's most popular and exciting adventure stories, The Call of the Wild will enrich the reading experience of youngsters, and rekindle fond memories of a favorite among older generations.

                      The adventures of an unusual dog, part St. Bernard, part Scotch shepherd, that is forcibly taken to the Klondike gold fields where he eventually becomes the leader of a wolf pack.

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                        TODAY'S FREE FRIDAY SELECTION


                        What Happens At Christmas

                        What Happens At Christmas

                        by Victoria Alexander


                        ISBN-13: 9781420132687

                        Publisher: Kensington Publishing Corporation

                        Publication date: 9/24/2013

                        Series: Millworth Manor , #1

                        File size: 2 MB


                        You are cordially invited to Christmas at Millworth Manor. . .

                        Camille, Lady Lydingham, requests the pleasure of your company at a festive house party, as she endeavors to coax a marriage proposal from Prince Nikolai Pruzinsky of Greater Avalonia.

                        The hostess's relatives will be in attendance--in this case, a troupe of actors hired to impersonate a proper English family in order to fool the Prince.

                        Gate-crashing, distractingly handsome first loves like Grayson Elliott are most unwelcome.

                        Games will be played.

                        Motives will be revealed.

                        Mayhem may ensue.

                        And hearts will be won--and lost--in the most romantic, magical season of all.

                        Please RSVP

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                          Treasures of the North (Yukon Quest Series #1)

                          Treasures of the North (Yukon Quest Series #1)

                          by Tracie Peterson


                          ISBN-13: 9781585588725

                          Publisher: Baker Publishing Group

                          Publication date: 1/1/2001

                          Series: Yukon Quest Series , #1

                          Pages: 384

                          File size: 404 KB


                          Could They Fulfill Their Dreams in this Untamed Land?


                          Driven by desperation, Grace Hawkins must forsake the affluent comfort of her upbringing to save herself from an arranged marriage. Disillusioned by her father's insistence, she forges a daring plan to escape the sinister hand of her intended.


                          Peter Colton sees the Alaskan gold rush as an opportunity to establish his family's fledgling shipping business. An unexpected partnership enables him to pursue those dreams and opens the door to an aquaintance with Grace, who has purchased passage north.


                          Drawn together by need and circumstance, Grace and Peter form a faltering friendship. But when her deserted fiance continues to manipulate her loved ones, can she find peace in the wake of his wrath?

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                            The Crazy Christmas Angel Mystery (Cul-de-sac Kids Book #3)

                            The Crazy Christmas Angel Mystery (Cul-de-sac Kids Book #3) by Beverly Lewis | 9781441260666 | NOOK Book (eBook) | Barne…

                            It's almost Christmas, and Eric Hagel is spying on the new neighbor. What's going on next door? Why is the house always flickering with candlelight? And what about the eerie flute music every morning at 6:00?When Mr. Tressler puts up a Christmas tree, Eric's eyes nearly pop out. The angel at the top comes to life! Soon, hundreds of angels are flying in the old man's house.Can Eric and the Cul-de-sac Kids solve the mystery? And who will be brave enough to take a Christmas gift to the weird house at the end of Blossom Hill Lane?                        

                            Eric wants to find out about the old man who has moved in next door, so he and the other Cul-de-sac Kids decide to pay him a Christmas visit.

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                              From Me to You

                              From Me to You

                              by Elizabeth Eulberg


                              ISBN-13: 9780545799720

                              Publisher: Scholastic, Inc.

                              Publication date: 12/1/2014

                              Pages: 32

                              Age range: 12 years

                              File size: 4 MB



                              Can't wait to read We Can Work It Out? Return to the world of Penny Lane Bloom with three all new e-book short stories that pick up right where The Lonely Hearts Club left off!


                              Four months ago, Penny Lane Bloom was heartbroken over a guy, had only a small handful of close friends, and was sure that, somehow, this year was going to be different.


                              Four months later, everything has changed. Penny's gone from a few friends to a huge group of girls who all have each other's backs, from a guy who thought nothing of cheating to a total sweetheart, and from the idea for The Lonely Hearts Club to a full-scale girls-rock revolution. Just think how much more she'll be able to accomplish by the end of the school year! And it's the holidays, which means Penny has two blissful weeks to spend eating cheese fries with her girls and kissing Ryan. The only thing she still has to do is survive Christmas with her family.


                              Don't miss all three e-shorts from romantic comedy superstar Elizabeth Eulberg. Each one contains a sneak peek at an excerpt from her return to the world of the LHC, We Can Work It Out!


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                                Tennessee Waltz (The Homespun Hearts Series, Book 1)

                                Tennessee Waltz (The Homespun Hearts Series, Book 1)

                                by Trana Mae Simmons


                                ISBN-13: 9781614175933

                                Publisher: ePublishing Works!

                                Publication date: 4/25/2014

                                Series: The Homespun Hearts Series , #1

                                File size: 2 MB


                                When Sarah Channing's fiancé hardens his heart toward a needy child named Mairi, the New York Socialite puts her wedding on hold to locate the child's only relatives, hidden deep in the Appalachians.

                                Arriving at Sawback Mountain, Sarah meets Wyn, Mairi's handsome older cousin, and finds herself wishing for something she doesn't have: a glimmer of beauty.

                                Wyn had his fill of beautiful city-bred women during his time in Washington, DC, as a senator's aide. Yet he's impressed by Sarah, working hard to gain the love and respect of the mountain folks.

                                But Sarah is making mistake after mistake as she tries to use her money and influence to improve the lives of the children.

                                Perhaps the proud mountain folk are right: a cultured socialite, even one without beauty, has no place on their mountain or in the heart of a mountain man who's vowed to never again leave the life he loves.

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