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    New Problems With Google Calendar

      I had my calendar syncing with my google calendar. It even showed all of my separate calendars that I show on my desktop (for example, my kids' calendars, my work calendar...). Suddenly my Nook calendar went blank. I don't know what I did. I went through syning my email and calendar again and it displays my main calendar, but not my other ones. Now I am at a loss at how to get it working again.

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          I just got my Nook HD yesterday and it sync'd with google calendar fine.  I had all my appointments showing. Then this morning I look at it and the entire thing is blank!   I wanted the Nook HD because I was wanting to use just one device for both reading and keeping my business appointments.  For me, the Calendar MUST sync with google or getting this will not accomplish anything beyond being a rather expensive reader.  If all I had wanted was a ebook reader I would have gotten the simple touch instead for a lot less money.