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    New HD+ keeps shutting off

      I've had my HD+ for a few days.  It shut itself off,  while I was working on it, a couple times a day the first couple days, now it does it several times a day.  Any suggestions short of returning it would be appreciated. 

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          Follow-up:  I am aware there is another message about this subject but for the most part the replies are older so I was hoping there would be current info.  Please forgive me for duplicate message request.

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            hi, have you installed any apps? I think it maybe caused by software crashed. I have the same issue on my nook. Now I factory reset my nook to see if the problem exist or not. I hope it's software problem. I'm not local buyer, it's impossible to return it.

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              I bought a Nook HD+  about three weeks ago, and it kept doing a random reboot, starting the first day I owned it.  I immediately returned mine for another one, and it has worked perfectly!  There is nothing more frustrating than having something that is not working properly,especially if you just purchased it.  I would encourage you to return your current device and exchange it for another.  B&N allows you two weeks for this kind of thing.  

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                i got the nook hd for my birthdayand  have had my nook for almost 8 months and this past week it started shutting off while i was in the middle of things like a book or a game. i did the reset on it and seems it got worse as now when i turn it on it just shuts right off. i will be taking it in tomorrow