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    Ghost files on new Nook HD

      I've read about the ghost files if you have an SD card.


      But my Nook HD doesn't have an SD card yet in Library - MyFiles it now shows 1266 files almost all of which just have a number as the title and are of an unknown type.  Hooking the Nook to a computer and looking doesn't show those files anywhere.


      Short of individually deleting them, or wiping the whole thing to a virgin state, how do I get rid of them and what the heck causes them?



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          I had the same thing happen to me yesterday but it wasn't that bad (only 181 files).  I individually deleted them. Then my magazines would no longer open so I rebooted and it has worked fine so far.  With the # of files you have though I would just wipe the wole thing (unless you alo have a lot of personalizations that you would also lose).