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    How do I get rid of Popups on HD+?

      Since Nook HD+ "upgraded" to Google Chrome I've had nothing but problems with the internet.  It's slower than before and we can no longer enlarge the text still keeping it on the page.  You have to move your finger back and forth to read all the text if you enlarge it very much.  That makes it much, much more difficult for those of us whose eyesight isn't what it used to be (and yes, I do wear glasses).


      But the worst issue is the stupid popups.  Every single time I go to a website I get a popup ad!  This NEVER used to happen!!!  Can anyone tell me how to get rid of them?  I found an article about the Nook Color, but the same settings options are not available on the Nook HD+.


      I wish I hadn't given away my Nook Tablet.  The HD+ has been a real pain since the start.  One problem after the other!

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          I'm sorry for your trouble - have you tried using the Dolphin browser instead of Chrome? It's free from either the Nook store or the Google Play store. It gives you the option to clear the cache when you exit, which helps to keeps the speed up.

          The Google version also has a number or add-ons to hep you tailor Dolphin to suit your needs, and you may find one that helps with zooming text.

          I use Dolphin regularly and just don't get pop up ads at all.

          Good luck with finding a solution that helps you to enjoy your HD+ :smileyhappy: