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    My NOOK HD+ Battery Reader is messed up (constantly says it needs to be charged)

      Without warning I get a message saying that the battery is critically low and if I don't charge it it turns off, that's fine right... well, when I do charge it it'll be at like 67% or something...

      that's right the message is popping up when the battery isn't actually low thus the reason I'm extremely mad.

      I tried resetting the Nook to manufacture default, put it in safe mode, and none of it helps...

      I feel like I've been scammed... it was fine the first months I owned my Nook but for the last few months it has been doing this.

      I am not the only one and it makes me sick that B&N still hasn't done anything about this issue...

      I spent over $200 (Nook, accessories, and books) and the device doesn't work the way it's suppose to already...

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          If it is still under warranty, return it for a replacement.

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              I'm not sure if it is... I got in September 2013   Sucks if I get it replaced since there's obviously something wrong with a bunch of them.

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                I've been trying to get a warranty replacement on my Nook HD for two months for the same issue.  I got mine for Christmas 2012 and purchased the extended warranty.  At that time, I think the extended warranty was $60.00, but I thought it was worth it because of the non-replaceable battery.  I had chosen the Nook 1st Edition over the Kindle a couple of years earlier primarily because of the replaceable battery, but less than two years later, I couldn't get a new battery when I needed it.  So, an extended warranty seemed like a good idea.  However, now that I need a replacement, I can't get it because they don't have any.  For a month, they kept telling me to call back in a week to see if any had come in.  Nada.  I posted on their Facebook page and got an immediate response.  They offered me an HD+.  However, I have one of the $39.95 leather covers on my HD and the covers for the HD+ haven't gone on clearance.  It would cost me $40 to get a new cover.  That's not acceptable.  I finally talked to a supervisor in customer support and got her to put in an order for the replacement to be shipped when they get one.  That was a month ago. 


                A week ago, I sent an e-mail to a couple of customer support e-mail addresses listing what I thought were three reasonable alternatives to replacing my Nook HD.  I have yet to receive a response.


                Needless to say, I am not happy with Barnes and Noble right now.

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                I have the same exact issue.  I just received my 2nd Nook replacement due to this critical battery error problem.  Getting a replacement this time around was a nightmare due to Customer Service mistakes.  I have to say that I am concerned that the same thing will happen to this one but my warranty ends soon.  The Nook works great for a few months then the critical battery issue starts.  You can literally see the battery icon go from 100% down to 0%, then back up to 50%, then turn off.  They do not even ask questions anymore they just order a replacement which leads me to believe this is a VERY WELL known issue with the Nook HD+.  I literally just set up my replacement Nook.  After finishing the set-up I turned on Facebook.  The Nook went click and turned off!!!!  So I am not a happy camper and expect the same exact issue in the near future.


                I hope you can get your issue sorted out.  Just keep at Customer Service and demand a replacement.  FYI: They do not actually have any NEW Nook HD+.  This is the 2nd reconditioned Nook HD+ 32GB that I have received.