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    Disappointed in the new Nook

      I have owned pretty much every 7 inch version of the Nook tablets/readers and have been happy with them for the most part.  I was excited to get the Samsung tablet and try it out.  I thought for 129.99 how could I go wrong?  I should have done some research.  I figured I could get by with only 8G of internal storage but I was wrong, 8G is so terrible.  I had a 64G SD card and it helped but the Samsung software takes up 3.28 G by itself,  one or two games and it is done.  Then I had wifi problems, it kept getting brutally slow and the only way to fix it wast to restart the tablet. Next was a software update that left me unable to read comic book type books.  I was laying in bed last night trying to read Captain Underpants to my daughter but it would not work.  I fiddled with it and my daughter fell asleep before I read her anything.   I had it for 7 days and it was nothing but trouble.  I will continue to go to the store and buy books for my daughter and trinkets for my wife, she loves the Doctor Who stuff,  but I think I am done trying to support you electronic offerings.  I tried,  I really did.  Luckily the tablet was easy to return.


      Sorry for the rant.  I didn't know where else to express my unhappiness.

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          Key point: "luckily the tablet was easy to return".


          I can't fathom why the NOOK Sammie line doesn't include 16 GB models. Definitely a miss, for me.

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              I'm thinking perhaps the vaunted B&N marketing department predetermined a price point that would interest buyers and got the best hardware they could for that price. Obviously 16gb would have cost more, probably about $50. That might have been considered too much, although a choice of two models would have been preferred. Maybe they had sales results from the HD that also pointed them to the 8gb only model.


              By the way, I am very pleased with my 7-inch SGTN. It is a very capable upgrade in so many ways to my 4 year old (as of today) NC. I love my larger, higher resolution HD+, and will continue to use it for TV, videos, games and some home reading use, but the 7 inch form is so much handier for portability, especially since the SGTN is about 40% lighter and 3/4 inch shorter and narrower than the NC. The NC has been relegated to backup and grandchildren uses.