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        The Christmas Violin

        The Christmas Violin by Buffy Andrews | 9781472054838 | NOOK Book (eBook) | Barnes & Noble

        Can there ever be an encore to true love?


        It used to be that the only woman he could think about was Camilla. When he closed his eyes it was her that he saw. But now, he saw Willow. And it scared him and made him feel guilty. And yet he couldn’t help himself, couldn’t help feeling what he was feeling…


        The last thing grief-stricken widower Peter St John expects to find at the cemetery is love. But one evening, as he lays flowers on Camilla’s grave, he is drawn to the haunting melody of a solitary violin player. And so he encounters beautiful concert violinist Willow Channing, who has her own grief to contend with.


        A second, chance meeting fuels the fire. And soon Peter knows that as one song ended, another might begin.

        Praise for Buffy Andrews

        '5 Huge-Tear-Stained-Stars!' - Smut & Spitfire on The Moment Keeper

        'Be warned this is a tale about choices, bereavement and relationships in this book which may cause a few tears to fall…' - Cleopatra Loves Books on The Moment Keeper

        'Once again this author manages to provide me, on finishing this story, with a WOW moment! And once again she manages to add herself to my 'authors who made me cry' list.' - Fiona's Book Reviews on The Christmas Violin

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          Married by Midnight (Pembroke Palace Series, #4)

          Married by Midnight (Pembroke Palace Series, #4) by Julianne MacLean |

          For seven years, Lord Garrett Sinclair - the ruggedly handsome illegitimate son of the Duke of Pembroke - has been traveling abroad with no intention of ever returning home to Pembroke Palace...until his father commands that he must marry by Christmas in order to thwart a family curse or lose his inheritance forever. Haunted by a tragic accident that has hardened his soul, Garrett entrusts his brothers to seek out a bride who will agree to a marriage in name only. Her reward? A sizable share of his inheritance - payable immediately after the wedding night...

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            Photographs & Phantoms

            Photographs & Phantoms by Cindy Spencer Pape |

            Brighton, 1855

            As a member of the Order of the Round Table, Kendall Lake is overqualified to be investigating strange phenomena at a seaside photography studio. But since the photographer is related to the Order's most powerful sorcerer, Kendall reluctantly boards a dirigible to Brighton.

            Amy Deland is haunted by a shadow that appears in some of her recent portraits. In each case, the subject died within days of the sitting. Does she have her grandmother's gift of foresight, or has she somehow caused the deaths?

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              Black Beauty


              Black Beauty

              by Anna Sewell


              A handsome horse with a glossy black coat and a pretty white star on his forehead, Black Beauty seems to lead a charmed life. Although his mother warns him that there are 'bad, cruel men' in the world, he begins his life in a happy home, with a friendly groom to look after him and plenty to eat. However, when a change of circumstances means that he is sold, he soon discovers the truth of his mother's words. Anna Sewell's moving story is one of the best-loved animal adventures ever written.

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                "We're Just Friends" and Other Dating Lies

                "We're Just Friends" and Other Dating Lies: Practical Wisdom for Healthy Relationships

                by Chuck Milian


                • ISBN-13: 9781935273974
                • Publisher: New Growth Press
                • Publication date: 3/1/2011
                • Pages: 208
                • File size: 346 KB

                Hurt feelings, unmet expectations, dashed hopes, misplaced trust - these are just some of the potential time bombs that explode in dating relationships leaving a trail of broken hearts. Does it have to be this way? Do you have to stop dating to protect yourself and others from deep hurt?


                As a pastor of a large congregation and former singles pastor, author Chuck Milian has seen firsthand the broken relationships that occur when men and women don't move with proactive care in and through their dating relationships. With pastoral wisdom and insight, Milian educates readers about defining expectations before they start dating, and he outlines a specific five-step dating plan that will help limit relational damage as they look for someone to share their lives with. The author encourages, challenges, and instructs believers in this comprehensive how-to-date handbook. He gives practical advice on wisely forming relationships with the opposite sex while still having fun, avoiding unnecessary hurts, making lifelong friends, and knowing "where they are" each step of the way.


                Filled with personal reflections and insights, singles will take a look back at their past relational mishaps and move forward into a biblically healthy and romantically fulfilling relationship as God intended it to be. This book remedies and reduces the casualties of the current dating minefield where hearts get broken daily and sometimes never recover.

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                  The Wicked Marquis



                    A breathtaking tale of intrigue, romance, and revenge from one of the twentieth century’s most prolific and popular authors of suspense


                  From the top floor of his house, the marquis of Mandeleys can look for miles and see nothing he does not own—save one little cottage, just a hundred yards from his front door. It is the property of Richard Vont, whose family has been tenants at Mandeleys for generations, and who refuses to go away without a fight.


                  Eighteen years ago, the marquis took an interest in Vont’s only daughter, bringing her under his wing and spiriting her across England and beyond. With his encouragement, Marcia has become a famous novelist, but her father was left alone and bitter. Now he has come up with a plan to avenge his loss and destroy the marquis once and for all.


                  As the plot unfolds, the righteousness of Vont’s anger is called into question, as is the loyalty of his American mercenary. But no matter how innocent the “wicked” marquis may turn out to be, it could already be too late to save his life.


                  This ebook has been professionally proofread to ensure accuracy and readability on all devices.

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                    Live Free: Discover the Keys to Living in God's Presence 24/7

                    Live Free

                    by Dennis Clark, Jen Clark


                    ISBN-13: 9780768484649

                    Publisher: Destiny Image, Inc.

                    Publication date: 12/17/2013

                    Pages: 128


                    Unlock a lifestyle of freedom in God’s Presence

                    None of us are exempt from getting hurt. The problem is what we do with pain. Bitterness runs rampant. Unforgiveness is spreading at an epidemic rate. Brokenness is the norm, not the exception.


                    We may experience temporary freedom or momentary relief—then life faithfully throws something else right back at us, starting the pain cycle all over again. But…

                    What if you can break the cycle?
                    What if freedom could become a lifestyle?
                    What if the secret to accessing this lifestyle was a Person?

                    In Live Free, Dennis and Dr. Jen Clark offer a user-friendly guide to unlocking your lifestyle of freedom through intimacy with God.



                    • How to connect with God—and stay connected!
                    • How to demystify what intimacy with God looks like—and make it practical
                    • How God’s Presence is the entry-way to your freedom
                    Get ready for freedom to become your new normal as you learn what it means to live in God’s Presence!

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                      Raffles: The Amateur Cracksman

                      by E. W. Hornung, Otto Penzler (Introduction)



                        The cracking debut of A. J. Raffles, proper English gentleman and jewel thief extraordinaire


                      Sometimes the greatest of partnerships are born in the direst of moments. For Bunny Manders and A. J. Raffles, such a moment comes when a bad night at the baccarat tables threatens to end in suicide. Hundreds of pounds in the red, Bunny grows so desperate that he asks Raffles, a former classmate who captained their public school’s cricket team, for help. When Raffles hesitates, Bunny pulls a gun out of his coat pocket and puts it to his head. “I never dreamt you had such stuff in you, Bunny!” says Raffles, a gleam in his eye. A few hours later, he and his old school chum break into a jeweler’s shop and steal thousands of pounds’ worth of diamonds and gemstones. Disaster averted, adventures begun.


                      In these thrilling stories, E. W. Hornung introduced the world to a duo as gifted at burglary as Sherlock Holmes and Watson are at detection. Full of sophisticated banter, hair-raising close calls, and nefarious schemes, Raffles: The Amateur Cracksman is a masterwork of crime fiction and irrefutable proof that there truly is honor among thieves.


                      This ebook features a new introduction by Otto Penzler and has been professionally proofread to ensure accuracy and readability on all devices.

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                        DC Comics Essentials: Final Crisis (2014-) #1 (NOOK Comic with Zoom View)

                        DC Comics Essentials: Final Crisis (2014-) #1 (NOOK Comic with Zoom View) by Grant Morrison | 2940045908023 | NOOK Book …


                                            Grant Morrison brings readers a Crisis of mythological and Multiversal proportions! When Darkseid unleashes the Anti-Life Equation upon the world, it'll take the heroes of this world and more to save the entire universe!
                        This excerpt from FINAL CRISIS is a part of just one of the titles featured in the DC ENTERTAINMENT ESSENTIAL GRAPHIC NOVELS AND CHRONOLOGY 2014 catalog. Inside is an expansive look at our rich backlist collection created by the best writers and illustrators in the industry. This catalog can be used as an important resource for new fans seeking a starting point, as well as a look back at our impressive backlist for the most fervent DCE enthusiast


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                          Her Summer with the Marine (Entangled Bliss)

                          Her Summer with the Marine (Entangled Bliss) by Susan Meier | 9781622664986 | NOOK Book (eBook) | Barnes & Noble

                          Her Summer with the Marine by Susan Meier

                          Their competition has never been so irresistible

                          The last person Ellie McDermott wanted to run into after returning to her hometown is Finn Donovan, her high school nemesis and the guy she crossed the line from enemies to lovers with one night years ago. Now ex-military, tattooed, and still sexy as hell, Finn is a complication Ellie doesn’t need—she needs to concentrate on saving her family business.

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                            The Garden on Sunset




                            HOLLYWOOD...as seen through the eyes of its most infamous garden.

                            When Marcus Adler's father runs him out of Pennsylvania, he can think of only one place to go: 8152 Sunset Boulevard, the home of luminous silent screen star Alla Nazimova, who visited him on his sickbed when he was a child. But when Marcus gets to Hollywood, Madame Nazimova's home has been converted to a hotel. Marcus checks into The Garden of Allah and starts his new life. He soon finds friends in Kathryn Massey, who ran away from her overbearing stage mother to become a journalist, and Gwendolyn Brick, a hopeful actress from the Other Hollywood-Hollywood, Florida-who wants to try her luck in Glitter City. The three naïve hopefuls band together to tread water against a tidal wave of threadbare casting couches, nervous bootleggers, human billboards, round-the-world zeppelins, sinking gambling boats, waiters in blackface, William Randolph Hearst, the Long Beach earthquake, starlets, harlots, Harlows and Garbos. But how will they get their feet inside Hollywood's golden door?

                            THE GARDEN ON SUNSET is the first in a series of novels following Marcus, Kathryn and Gwendolyn as they leap and lurch, win and lose their way through Hollywood's golden years. If you love Armistead Maupin's Tales of the City books, you'll want to get lost in The Garden of Allah.


                            Product Details

                            • ISBN-13: 9781466218956
                            • Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
                            • Publication date: 1/4/2012
                            • Pages: 312
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