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    Nook HD+ 9" Battery not charging

      My new Nook HD+ 9inch tablet battery is stuck at 1/3 charge.  This is my first charging of the Nook, it's been 15 hrs on the wall plug so far.


      More info:

      I opened the Device Information and it shows battery at 37% "discharging" while My Nook is plugged into the wall charger.


      I open the battery tab and it shows 37% discharging and right below that it says "15 h 52m 22s on battery"


      I open the "15h 52m 22s on battery" Tab and it takes me to a battery graph. At the bottom of the graph there are Wi-Fi , Awake, ScreenOn and Charging indicators. Everything has a broken up blue bar below the names except Charging which is just empty.


      My question: "Is this normal for the first charge or is this something that I should be concerned about"?


      I just checked the wall charger to be sure that its plugged in securely and the usb cord is secure and everything looks fine.  The green LED light is on  but it still says 37% battery discharging with the green LED light on.

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          No, thats not normal. 


          Try soft reset first (hold power button down, ignore pop up message about "do you want to power off", justkeep holding power button until screen goes off. Wait a minute or two, then turn it back on.) Then see what battery % is. Maybe the meter was stuck. Green LED light should indicate that fully charged. 


          Use it a bunch today (unplugged).  See how long it takes to use up battery until you get to "need to charge" message pops up. See if running thru battery cycle once or twice resets meter. Once you get down to 20% charge, shouldnt take more than 2.5 - 3 hours to fully recharge. (About 35% an hour, but the last 10% seems to take the longest)


          Its new. If you cant get the meter to work properly in next day or two, bring it back to store and exchange for a new one.

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            The light should be amber when charging.  Make sure cable is pushed all the way in.  If it is slightly out it will not charge.  I have had it not charge once.  The green light was on even though I knew it needed charging.  A reset did the trick.  I think some app caused it to hang.

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              @NookGardener, Thank you for your suggestions! I powered down/soft reset the nook hd+ like you suggested and when I powered back up, the battery meter was at the same place and still at 37% discharge.  I then used the Nook HD+ until the 15% battery pop up warning.  I plugged in the USB wall charger and the green led light came on and battery was still showing discharge.  I disconneted the charger and powered down the Nook.  When it powered back up, it went through the Nook splach/load screen then to the Welcome Back unlock screen and under the time/date there was a "Connect Charger".  I connected the charger and for the first time the LED was orange.  I haven't touched it since, it's still on the welcome back/unlock screen and the charged % is rising.


              My plan: let it fully charge then check meter,hopefully it will be 100% full.  I will then run Nook HD+ until a low battery pop up window appears and see if it will recharge without having to "soft reset" the nook hd+.