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    Do we have to Eject the HD+ from the computer before disconnnecting?


      I can not find the answer to this anywhere in the user manual. Or anything about sideloading content.

      I had heard that because the PC does not recognize the HD+ as a storage device, but as a media device, it is not necessary to eject it first. True? False?


      Either way, it needs to be addressed in the user manual so po'd customers don't feel a need to return their devices when some instructions would have been helpful.


      After losing my shelves once again (2.0.4) I researched some of the threads on the subject. There were several mentions of shelves disappearing. Most seemed to happen when connected to the PC and deleting a side loaded book. When I think about it...I know that is what happened at least twice to me. I also wonder if it is because I did not eject the device because I assumed I did not have to with this device.  So many other issues were going on at the time that I didn't pinpoint that as the possible culprit. After the update, my shelves appeared stable but some of my sideloaded pdfs were not reading well. I deleted them. I was hooked up to the computer at the time, and used calibre to remove them for me. As soon as I disconnected...poof! shelves gone. Books still there, shelves not there. So..something I did deleted my shelves. But which one?


      I know BN does not want to tell people how to sideload material to their device, but you still need to do it. And for now, I'd be happy if BN share that information before I screw up again.


      I'm not doing shelves again until I know the proper way to do these things to avoid this happening again.