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    Library Issues

      I just upgraded to the 32g Nook HD plus, and imported my library via Calibre. (The majority of which were on my 16g nook tablet and never gave me any problems.)


      When I click "library" it opens up the preview page (showing books, magazines, apps, etc.), but the icons themselves are un-responsive. And if I try to expand and flip through any of my media, it gives me a blank page with just the category header and the info never loads.


      And yes, I have rebooted it. :smileyhappy:


      Any help, greatly appreciated!



      (This is the first time I've ever regretted an upgrade:smileysad:)

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          Go to your profile, select Manage Content. See if everything is checked (you can select all books, apps, etc. You dont have to select individually if you're the only one using the device.) 


          See if that fixes it. If not, let us know.

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              Sadly it did not, but thank you for trying, I appreciate it.


              The only books even listed under the manage section are the ones purchased from the  B & N store,

              and not the rest of my content. However, magazines & apps were fully managed and still giving me problems. 


              At one point I even did an un-authorize and started from fresh. The second I add content the same issue pops up.


              Thanks again for the suggestion, I really did appreciate it.