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    From a Hardware Standpoint

      I'm just curious....


      Just from a hardware standpoint, what are your opinions on which tablet is the best? I'm interested to know what experiences you have had with other tablets like iPad, Acer, etc. as compared to Nook regarding lifespan, durability...that kind of stuff.


      (...now that we're on the same Android playing field :smileyhappy:



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          I had the Lenovo A1 for about a year and a half before getting the Nook HD+
          I never had an issue with durability on the Lenovo I even passed it on to my daughter and it is still working.
          Comparing the two is kind of tough as it was 7inch vs the pluses 9inch. I am still getting used to the larger form factor the Lenovo was easier to cart around but I definitely wanted a larger screen to make reading easier. I think I am going to return the Nook case I bought and get something different, something less slick so I don't drop the tablet. Overall I like both we will see how I feel with the plus in a year and a half that will be the deciding factor on if it is a hit or miss.

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              Thanks for the reply...and here's my 2 cents on covers since you are looking for one!


              I bought the Jonathan Adler red case. I highly recommend it. It's well worth the money. I take my Nook EVERYWHERE with me - it's pretty much an appendage now. Sometimes its in my pocketbook, sometimes it lays on the on the floor of my mini van, sometimes I just carry it around. I truly hate to think about what my Nook would look like today if i didn't have this cover. I've had the cover about a year and a half and it barely looks worn. If the cover gets a little dingy, i just wipe it off with some windex.