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    Should I give up on B&N?

      So in September 2013 I purchased my first Nook (a Nook HD+) and I loved it for the few first months.  However, back in March I started having this issue where it the battery meter would suddenly drop down from let's say 67% all the way to 0% and say I need to plug it in... when I plugged it in it would jump up to like 67%

      Recently I purchased a new charger (different model as well) and the issue has changed.  At first it was dropping down to like 15%, now it's dropping down to like 22% so maybe the new charger is slowly fixing the issue.

      However, I'm having issues with the touch screen messing up.  Like it's not calibrated correctly or something... I'll press it in 1 spot and it'll detect it on randomly somewhere else.  Like the virtual keyboard will say I pressed a bunch of random keys when just merely hitting the backspace.  When I manage to restart it (I say power off and it says I pressed cancelled), the issue still persists.

      Seems like I've been scammed, have I not...

      It's just been over 1 year and there's already multiple issues with my Nook and my warranty for it is probably expired.  I shouldn't have to buy a new battery and the issue probably will continue to persist.

      The solution is quit simple: purchase a Kindle, is it not and never buy anything from B&N again?

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          Too bad you didn't have BN replace your HD+ when it was still under warranty, given all the problems it's given you, and that you didn't insure it with a plan such as SquareTrade's tablet/e-reader warranty. I bought my NOOK HD in the summer of 2013 and it's still going strong.

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              I have owned:


              4 1st Editions (bought all used, still own one)

              4 Simple Touches (bought all used, still own two)

              2 Glow Touches

              3 Nook Colors (bought 2 used)

              3 Nook Tablets

              2 Nook HD devices

              2 Nook HD+ devices (still own one)


              That's a total of 20 Nooks, and none of them have given me any (hardware) problems.  That includes batteries.  I did buy one Nook Color used with a problematic cable (you had to be careful to not put down pressure on the connection), but that's it (I replaced the cable).


              RULE NUMBER ONE:  When not using a Nook for more than a few hours, keep it on the charger when power is available.


              Rule number two:  Marketing and science don't always agree.

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                I purchased it on the B&N and didn't see an option anywhere to add a warranty to it.

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                It sounds like your device is malfunctioning. Kindles malfunction too - if you buy a kindle, you are equally as likely to get an issue-free device as if you buy another nook.