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    book shelf program from Google

      Does anyone know if any of the google shelving apps work for Nook HD+?
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          I use Calibre Companion App, but it works only for sideloaded books from your calibre library. It doesn't shelve per se but it does do sorts according to how you set up your library in Calibre, so if you have genre tags listed, you can sort by genres, etc. Most of the other shelving apps do more traditional shelves, but I think you have to set them up and put your books on them by hand. You'll have to get input about other apps from people who have used them. I'm lazy, I like the app to do the work for me, so I tend to go for the one that involves the least work on my part. :smileyhappy: I keep only a very few of my BN books on my device and I shelve them, but I wouldn't mind finding an app that would shelve them for me with as little effort as Calibre Companion requires. Though I could put all my BN books in Calibre too I suppose.

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            I figured out a way that I can use Calibre and Calibre Companion to create a work around for shelving. I used tags to be my shelving. Tha way i'll always have the info there weather or not i have my computer on. In other words I cut my tags down to things like mystery, drama, romance, etc. Made the tags as i would name shelves. Then if the book was one of a series I put the name of the series then used a hyphen for the then author's name. I put numbers in front of the tags to further sort the books into categories. The catalog people talk about only gives you a list and unless you are connected to the computer you lose the categories and other info you might need.
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              Yes, tags = shelves.


              When you create the catalog in calibre, you have a format option. One option is more columnar/spreadsheetish. The other option is to create an epub of your catalog. You sideload that epub onto your device. Then you have it when you arent connected to your computer. ( And you can do fun little things like have the catalog put check marks next to titles of books you've read, etc.)

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                FYI, did you know when you want to edit your tags, especially if you want to delete (the useless, utterly redundant ones), you can do it en mass? You dont have to do each book individually.  Go over to left hand side where the tags are, and just start deleting the useless tags.  Theres a way to add them en mass as too (but I cant explain it well.)

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                  Yes you are correct but you only have a list. You then have to do a search for the book in order to find the book. This doesn't do anything for me if I still have to search.
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                    Yes that is why I was able to edit 2,012 books so quickly.