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    Star Map Apps

      Does anyone know of a star map app that will work on the Nook HD+? Maybe it's not possible because the Nook doesn't have a camera....not sure. One user said that if I entered my location manually, it would work. Well, I did that and it keeps giving me a message that it can't find my location. I tried my complete address, then just the city, then just the state....I still get the same message. Surely it knows where Virginia is. So now i'm wondering if it works at all. 


      If anyone knows of a star gazing app anything like SkyView or GoogleSky that will work on my Nook, please let me know!


      Thanks everyone!

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          Distant Suns


          Though I used a GPS unit to set lat/long position. The Nook doesn't have GPS nor can it be trangulated as it doesn't speak cellphone. That leaves Google's service which attempts to determine position from the WiFi IP address (my Grand Rapids DSL service homes with Earthlink via Kalamazoo -- how accurate can THAT location service be?).


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            I've seen one app in the Nook STore. can't recall the name. Sky something perhaps.


            Night Sky?


            If you search for some of the bigger app names then you can find it in store. Make sure to add 'app'.




            'night app'


            'sky app'


            'night sky app'


            It should show up.


            Else you can get from Google Play Store.


            Which app were you trying to enter location in?