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    Showthread.php Download Unsuccessful

      Since the update I continue to get a pop up message, "Showthread.php Download Unsuccessful" when I try to click on it to see what it is nothing happens. What is this? The only reference I can find to this refers to rooted Nooks and my Nook is not rooted. This constant pop up is driving me crazy! Also, every night I will get a message that I already have the nook version of a certain app and it will be replaced by the google play app. I click on agree. The next night the same messages pop up again. It seems as though there are are issues with this update. Is anyone else.having this.issue?
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          if you have a NOOK version of an app and Google play is trying to download their verison, they will butt heads. So, best thing to do is (if the app is one you bought from barne and noble and not a built in app) is to put the B&N version of the app in the cloud. that way when the google version tries to download it has no other app to cause a problem. if that does not work, you may need to deregister the NOOK and reregister. just be sure that you know the login info for your NOOK ...

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              Not sure what this is - "Showthread.php Download Unsuccessful".


              What the earlier poster mentioned should work for apps where you get conflicts between Google Play and B&N. Of course, you can also turn off auto-updates and also turn off auto-update for the app itself. Then you won't get conflicts.